DC Collectibles Batman: Arkham Knight Figure Series 1 Review

Manufacture:  DC Collectibles

MSRP:  $24.99

Figure Count:  5

Series:  1

Review:  ★★★★☆


DC Collectibles are no strangers to the Batman video game franchise creating beautiful figures for both Arkham Origins and Arkham City and exceeding our expectations every time. With Batman Arkham Knight, it’s no exception.

Here, in what’s presumably the first of many waves, we have the five main characters of the Arkham Knight video game. Scarecrow, Red Hood, Harley Quinn, Arkham Knight, and the Dark Knight Himself, Batman.  The Red Hood is a Gamestop exclusive while Arkham Knight is releasing at a later date than the other four.  Each figure is sculpted by Gentle Giant Studios showcasing their signature look from the game.

I was specifically able to take Batman and Harley Quinn out of packaging for a spin, so they will be the focal point below. Starting with the Batman himself, he is wonderfully sculpted from his pointy ears, to the cape, right down to the combat boots. Batman also brings along a few accessories. He has his trusty bat-a-rang, an extra left hand to swap out, and his now game famous explosive gel. Batman’s cape is made of flexible rubber, which can flop about, but sadly can not be fixed to one position. The articulation is typical for an elite style figure:  head, arm, shoulder, wrist, leg, and foot swivel. With double joints in the knees and a single joint in the elbows, full up and down motion in the abdomen area as well as a full swivel of the waist.

The figure itself has some weight to it, as it is Batman with the full suit on. The accessories are molded nice as well. The bat-a-rang is just a standard black bat-a-rang, the explosive gel gun is black with some gray tent, and the extra hand is obviously black as it is a glove covered left hand.

Next one of my personal favorite characters in the DC Universe, Harley Quinn.  Much like Batman, she is sculpted wonderfully and looks like the Harley from the footage we’ve seen from the game. Sporting a split top, skirt, red and blue leggings, and arm covers, Harley looks just like Harley should along with pale makeup on her face with dark lipstick and pigtails.

Harley Quinn comes with a few accessories herself:  a red and blue stripped baseball bat, a jack in the box, two replacement hands (one left, one right) a hand gun, and a detonator. Harley features the same articulation as Batman, with the legs being slightly limited due to the skirt. The skirt is a soft rubber material, much like Batman’s cape.

DC Collectibles have once again created a great series of figures to have for your collection. Whether you plan to keep them in the box or you take them out to pose, they have a fantastic design that will look amazing on your shelf. If you’re not a fan of the games or the design of characters from them, these figures probably won’t impress you much.  Otherwise if you need more Batman figures in your collection (who doesn’t?) these are definitely a great addition.

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