Game News: Skylanders SuperChargers Officially Revealed

Activision has officially confirmed the next entry into their super popular series, Skylanders SuperChargers.  The main focus will be the additions of vehicles this time, and the SuperChargers, an elite group of pilots who join the fight to stop Kaos.

The game will boast 20 new characters and a slew of of jets, helicopters, submarines, boats, and cars.  Any previous Skylander can pilot the vehicles, but the SuperChargers themselves give special boosts and abilities to vehicle when they are piloting them.

Each of the SuperCharger has their own unique vehicle which they can use in different sequences, such as in race courses or battle arenas that are spread throughout the game.  The main hub will also feature a playground where you can use any of the vehicles.  For co-op purposes you can use only one vehicle at a time, but one player can control the steering while the other player controls aiming and firing of weapons.

The start pack will include a new character, SuperCharger Spitfire and his car Hot Streak along with returning fan favorite, Stealth Elf.  A portal will come included which features a spot for a trap from last years Trap Team.

Skylanders SuperChargers will be released on September 20th in the US, the 24th in Australia, and 25th in Europe

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