C2E2: The 10 Show Exclusives We Want

C2E2 is now almost upon us once again in less than a week.  There is a lot to experience at the show, but one thing we always get excited for is the show exclusives.  Every year exhibitors make exclusive items just for Chicago, which can range from variant covers, prints, toys, and more.  We combed through everything that will be available on the show floor and found the top ten items that we need to have for our own collection that you will only find at C2E2 2014.


c2e21firstcomics1First Comics

Booth(s): 309,

R.R.H. C2E2 exclusive variant cover limited to 250 copies only!

Category: Comic

C2E2 exclusive variant edition of R.R.H. Featuring Sydney branded with the bumps and bruises of battling Werewolves and other vile creatures of the Shadowland. This rare exclusive will only be available at The Chicago Comic Con and will sell fast. This issue is the variant edition of R.R. H. #1 which was released in March. Get them while you can! Supplies will be limited to only 250 copies and will cost $10.00 each!


Comic Book Display Inc.

Booth(s): 1714,

Mercy Sparx Comic Book Displays Variant

Category: Comic

Mercy sparx #1 Comic book displays variant there with Cover art by Dan Leister. Matt Merhoff and Josh Blaylock as well as Dan will be doing a guest signing at our booth over the weekend.


Creature Entertainment

Booth(s): 100,

RAVENOUS #1 “VIRGIN PENCILS” Cover Exclusive C2E2 cover by Juan Navarro

Category: Comic

RAVENOUS #1 “VIRGIN PENCILS” Cover Exclusive C2E2 cover by Juan Navarro! Limited to only 50!

We did this kind of cover before for ZOmbie Years #1 at NYCC and for so for C2E2 we’re doing it again with the first issue of RAVENOUS!


c2e2dimensionxDimension X

Booth(s): 1427,

Amazing Spider-man #1 Venom Carnage Bianchi Variant Dimension X Exclusive

Category: Comic

Dimension X presents… from the shocking events that took place in Amazing Spider-man #700 comes one of the most highly anticipated books of the decade!!! We are proud to offer to C2E2 attendees a LIMITED EXCLUSIVE Pre-Order Price of $10 for our exclusive with cover art by artist Simone Bianchi!! We are only allowing a strict number of these at this price, so get to our booth early!! This item is EXTREMELY LIMITED and with the HIGH anticipation for this book, it is sure to sell out fast!!


Graham Crackers Comics Ltd

Booth(s): 355,

RAI #1 c2e2/Graham Crackers Comics exclusive

Category: Comic

premiering at the c2e2 Convention in Chicago! Available for purchase at booth #355 (Graham Crackers Comics) – it’s Valiant Comics brand new RAI #1 exclusive cover!


Graphitti Designs

Booth(s): 627,


Category: Comic

Illustrated by fan favorite artist Greg Capullo, the convention exclusive for BATMAN #29, written by Scott Snyder, takes the latest “Riddler” themed cover and gives it a location-specific touch: red for C2E2!

c2e2graphittidesigns3Graphitti Designs

Booth(s): 627,


Category: Comic

Written by Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV, Ray Fawkes, Tim Seeley and John Layman with artwork by Jason Fabok, it’s the start of a Bat-story so big it’s going to take every week of the year to tell! A massive cast of Gotham City’s best (and worst) examines the relationship between Batman, his allies and his city. In this debut issue, Commissioner James Gordon is caught on the wrong side of the law! This issue features the Batman 75 commemorative logo.


c2e2graphittidesigns4Graphitti Designs

Booth(s): 627,


Category: Comic

Written by Neil Gaiman and illustrated by J.H. Williams III, THE SANDMAN: OVERTURE #1 has an exclusive 3-D motion cover never before seen on this highly anticipated issue. You won’t want to miss out on this convention exclusive! The first issue of this new miniseries also features a stunning interior foldout displaying all of Dream’s many forms.ARK CITY” chapter of “ZERO YEAR” reaches its conclusion in this amazing, extra-sized issue!


Stan Lee Collectibles

Booth(s): 906,

Stan Lee Skottie Young B/W Variant Amazing Spider-Man

Category: Comic

Stan Lee Collectible C2E2 Exclusive Amazing Spider-Man B/W Variant by Skottie Young featuring Stan Lee reading on the cover Amazing Spider-Man 14 the first appearance of Green Goblin retold


c2e2stanleecollectibles2Stan Lee Collectibles

Booth(s): 906,

Stan Lee Skottie Young Color Variant Amazing Spider-Man

Category: Comic

Stan Lee Collectible C2E2 Exclusive Amazing Spider-Man Color Variant by Skottie Young featuring Stan Lee reading

On the cover Amazing Spider-Man 9 the first appearance of Electro retold


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