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Top 5 Costumes:  Electro

Electro has had some great moments in the past.  He went ballistic on the Raft, freeing numerous super villains which caused the New Avengers to form, also inadvertently helping with the Skrull invasion.  He’s been a member numerous times on the Sinister Six.  In Ultimate Spider-Man he nearly got the killing blow in on Peter if Aunt May had not gone all Rambo on him and blasted him with a shotgun.  With the impending release of The Amazing Spider-Man 2, however, he finally is getting the biggest spotlight of his villainous career.  Max Dillon has always been a fan favorite of ours, so we are excited to see him in action.  He has not featured as many costumes as some villains, but we took what he has worn in the comics and pitted it against the costume featured in the movie.  Where did it rank compared to his others?  Read below to find out.


5.  Ultimate:  He is a dancing queen.  Young and sweet, only seventeen.  ABBA just runs through my mind when I see this suit.  Sometimes the BeeGees, too.  It narrowly missed out on being our least favorite costume he has worn.  Bald and yellow just isn’t a good look for Max Dillon.  The yellow works perfectly on a suit, but not as a skin color, only the Simpsons can pull that off and make it work.  It was nice they decided to try and integrate a lightning bolt into the design, but how they did it is not that way to do it;  we really don’t need to see his chest.  Hopefully he made a note to self not to wear a one piece again.


4.  Amazing Spider-Man 2:  The producers wanted to go with a more real word feel for his costume in the movie.  Yet Spider-Man’s costume already doesn’t have a real world feel.  Then looking at his blue head already looks a little ridiculous and not real world.  With that said, it isn’t terrible, but you can tell they tried to hard to make it realistic when that’s not going to be possible in the established world or with a shiny blue head.  It does have a nice tactical, battle readiness about it, but would it have killed them to include just one yellow lightning bolt on it at least.


3.  House of M:  This costume received very little use in the end, but it was a nice try at modifying his original costume while making some good alterations.  Switching the lightning bolts from going around his chest instead of down was an interesting switch.  The belt gets a slight makeover as well with mini lightning bolts coming up from it.  What we can’t get over is the shower cap he’s wearing, because that’s what it is, right?  Is he that afraid of water that he needs to wear that around?


2.  Ulitmate Powered Up:  Spider-Man will think twice before he messes with Dr. Manhattan again.  Oh, wait, that’s Electro, our mistake.  When fully powered in the Ulitmate universe, Electro looks like pure electric energy which is an awesome look.  Sure, it is more a form than a costume, but a pure energy birthday suit looks pretty rad either way.  It loses a few points for reminding us a little to much of Dr. Manhattan, but it gains a few as well for not forcing us to see his you know what.


1.  Original:  Nothing can top the original.  The suit itself is simple, but looks really snazzy with the lightning bolts going down his chest and legs.  The green and yellow work together perfectly for his iconic colors.  Moving on to his mask, it is something you will either love or hate.  It is really big, but we love it.  It is easily the most defining feature about his costume and while we understand for a movie it wouldn’t work, for the comics it is absolutely perfect.  He currently isn’t the same in the comics without it.  With it on he is one of Spider-Man oldest and most formidable foes, or a robot created by Dr. Wily.  Either one is a winner, but only one gives the hero his electric powers when defeated.

Dishonorable Mention


Chapter One:  Since we started adding in the dishonorable mention, we’ve seen some pretty bad costumes.  This might just be the worst so far.  By a pretty large margin.  Did he purchase this on discount from Wal-Mart after Spider-Man stopped his last bank robbery?  It is as if the designers wanted to scrap everything defining about his original costume, and start from scratch.  In the end what you get is this bland costume that a five year old could have stitched together while watching a super hero spoof on TV.  The black and white is more than drab and the mask is terrible.  In this picture he does look very happy to show his new threads off to Spider-Man, but we all know what happens when you come to the playground with stupid clothing on.  The big bad bully, Spider-Man, beats you up and takes your lunch money.

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