E3 2015 Prediction List

Whenever the end of May rolls around, we as gamers know that the next few weeks will be heaven to the eyes. Every June there happens to be a little convention called the Electronic Entertainment Expo. Now, as we all know, E3 is the place where all the hottest up and coming games will be announced, shown off, and even possible beta access given out. It’s also the place where new consoles have been announced and shown off.  We have compiled a list of our top predictions of things that we believe could show their face during the Expo, mixed from all the biggest names in gaming.  Will our predictions ring true?  When Bethesda gets the ball rolling with their conference on June 14th, we’ll begin to find out!


1.) Fallout 4

Now this one might be an obvious one, but with the rumors swirling and Bethesda announcing their first ever E3 Press Conference, Fallout 4 could become real.  Let’s be honest, the series is a juggernaut and it is only matter of when the next entry gets announced, not if.


2.) New God Of War

With Sony having quite the exclusive set up, it’s been awhile since we’ve seen or heard from Kratos. God Of War III is getting remastered for the PS4 and is due out in July. Sony could entice players to pick it up to gain exclusive access to the next God Of War.  Either way it seems like the remaster is meant to get our saliva flowing for the main course.

Resident Evil

3.) Resident Evil 7 Announced and Possibly Console Specific Exclusive?

Capcom has been known to do what’s best for business. With Resident Evil Remastered and Revelations 2 being big hits, could we be in for the next entry in the numbered series? Also with Capcom signing Street Fighter V to be a Playstation 4 exclusive, could Microsoft snatch up Resident Evil? Or could Sony add it to their exclusive list for another Capcom snatch and grab? Or maybe it stays multiplatform?


4.) The Division Gameplay

The Division has already had a shaky road, with Ubisoft pushing it back not once, but twice from 2014-2015 and now from 2015-2016. Could we see what Ubisoft has done and possibly a release date?  It would just be mean for them not to show us off more.  Right?  Right???


5.) Nintendo announces a new Metroid

Nintendo has never been shy about its franchises and it’s been awhile since we’ve last seen Samus. Could Nintendo revive the franchise with the Wii U?  Retro has been hard at work with the excellent Donkey Kong Country Returns games, but we think they’re ready to take the reigns of the series they defined in 3D.


6.) Mass Effect

Bioware has been hard at work not only on a new IP, but also on the next Mass Effect. They showed a tiny bit of conceptual footage at last year’s E3. Could we be in for the big reveal this year? Or could we get an announcement of a “remastered” Trilogy for the Xbox One and PS4?  Our bets are on both happening, a remaster announced for this year, the next main entry hitting in 2016.


7.) Gears Of War

With all the rumors of the Gears Of War 1 remaster hitting the Xbox One this Fall, it took away focus from the obvious, Gears Of War 4. With Black Tusk Studios now at the helm of the Gears ship, E3 would be a perfect time to see Gears Of War 4 in action.  Microsoft has been creeping up on Sony this year with Halo 5 Guardians, a new Gears could be all they need to jump ahead.


8.) Saints Row/ Volition’s Next Project

Volition is best known for the Saints Row series. With Saints Row IV being a commercial success and Saints Row IV: Gat Out Of Hell being a fun add on, the Saints could see an E3 announcement. Maybe its time for V or a reboot. It could be very possible that Volition announces something new entirely.


9.) The Legend Of Zelda

Nintendo wowed its fans at the Video Game awards back in December when it showed off some gameplay of the next Legend Of Zelda game. E3 would be no better time to officially show off what they’ve been working hard on as well as giving a name to the title.  There has to be more to see a year later.  Right?  Right???


10.) Borderlands 3

Gearbox is known for their off the wall series Borderlands. Borderlands 1 and 2 were a huge success with the Presequel doing alright as well. Putting the Handsome Jack Collection on the new consoles bought them some extra time to work on the third title, built ground up for Playstation 4 and Xbox One.  E3 would be a good time to announce a new set of Vault Hunters that could venture around Borderlands 3.


11.) Splinter Cell

Ubisoft loves stealing the show. Two years ago it was Watch Dogs, last year it was Rainbow Six Siege. No better time than E3 for a revival of one of their most successful franchises, Splinter Cell. The world is in need of Sam Fisher.


12.) Bethesda Sequels

To round out our prediction list, this last one will be a collection. We’ve already covered Fallout 4 earlier in the list, but that’s not all Bethesda is known for. Since they are holding their very own conference this year, a possible Dishonored 2, Elder Scrolls 6, or even a new Wolfenstein could very well be announced.

This was just a small sample of what we here at First Appearance want to see or even hope to see. E3 will run June 15th,2015- June 20th, 2015. Be sure to check back here every day that week to see all the latest and breaking news and see if our predictions were true.  Let us know in the comments what you are hoping to see as well!

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