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Top 5 Costumes: Doctor Strange

Next year the Sorcerer Supreme himself will be the latest Marvel character to make the jump to the big screen gor the first time.  As small details have begun to leak about characters involved and casting news for it, there has been no word on his costume.  In the comics, he certainly has had some colorful outfits over the years;  as much as we love his classic, we half expect him and Wong to buy a tiger and put on a Vegas act to pay the bills.  Will the film lean more towards the original or one of the others he has worn over the years?  Using the Eye of Agamotto we took a good look through his closet and picked out what we felt were the best.  While we didn’t judge it on what would look best in the film, we think it is fair to say our top picks look the best in the comics and we translate well to film.  Check out our picks below and let us know what you think!


5.  Classic:  While we already took a potshot at his classic costume in our introduction, don’t take that to mean we don’t like it.  It is iconic because it does define the character as a sorcerer and master of the mystical arts.  The flowing cape, the loose shirt, the long fabric belt, it all leads back to an older age where you could imagine knights and wizards roaming the lands. However, harkening back to an older time worked a couple of decades ago, now it looks just slightly ridiculous. It’s just something that doesn’t quite fit with the times after disco died.


4.  70’s:  Strange’s short-lived look from the 70’s actually toned things down with his classic look just a little.  He kept his cloak, which let’s face it, is pretty great.  His main costume stuck with shades of blue that blended together fairly well.  The other big change was him wearing a mask.  As handsome and dashing as Strange is, having a mask did give his entire look more of a superhero feel to it.


3.  Modern:  His modern costume is one of his much more conservative looks he has had over the year.  It keeps the basic design from his typical costumes but throws in red or black that makes him look much more powerful than normal.  As much as we love his cloak, it is nice to see him without it, which makes this one of his more real world costumes he has.


2.  Vest:  This costume is all about that vest.  The more realistic feel to the costume makes this great in the comics and in film.  We love that his cloak has been changed into a trench coat while retaining the red coloring.  The vest though makes him actually look like a real person.  We imagine him as a gentleman here that also dabbles in the black arts, alright masters the black arts.  It looks much different from his normal costumes, but it still ranks as one of our favorite.

doctor-strange (1)

1.  Modern Classic:  This look takes his classic costume but does some subtle changes that make it fit in much better for modern times.  We do love his iconic look, and this gives us the best of both worlds.  He still has his cloak, but we like how it neatly drapes over his shoulders.  His shirt this time has more of a button up look to it which we like, but it also has the nice effect of blending into his cloak for a very nice design.  His pants actually resemble jeans more and he actually is wearing shoes.  Sure, he could still put on the act in Vegas, but that is one show we sure as hell want to see.

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