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Top 5 Costumes:  Assassin’s Creed

Each and every Assassin’s Creed game has taken us to beautiful, historically accurate locations for some of the best settings in gaming.  Each and every Assassin’s Creed also has put us in the role of a bad-ass assassin as we slice, shoot, and stealthily murder our way through time.  Assassin’s Creed Syndicate is now officially announced as we all hope it makes up for the buggy mess Unity was.  The new game will put us in a new location with most importantly a brand new assassin to fall in love with all over again.  The series wouldn’t be the same without its strong protagonists we take control of and their iconic look.  We decided it was tine to pit the assassin’s together and judge them not against their skills or might, but who is the best dressed assassin.  We looked through all of the main protagonists only,  those who stared in their own game.  Lower or side assassins have no place here today, they may as well be dirty Templars as far as we’re concerned.  With only five spots, some of our favorites had to be cut but in the end we stand by our decisions.  Check out who we picked below and see if your favorite dressed assassin made the cut!


5.  Ezio Auditore da Firenze (Revelations):  Rounding out the bottom of our list is the assassin with the most games under his belt, Ezio.  He narrowly beat out Altair and Edward for our list.  Specifically, we chose what many like to refer to as “old man” Ezio during his time in Revelations.  First off, we love his cape.  That comes from the superhero love in us, but Ezio is bad-ass enough to pull it off as an assassin.  The fur coming out of his costume is both pretty stylish as well convenient for staying warm during the winter.  Most importantly, though, his robes and hood have an amazing amount of detail that we love.  However, as much as we love it, the details would make it a little harder when you’re trying to blend into a crowd so for practically, we deduct some points.  


4.  Arno Dorian:  While Arno may have come from one of the most poorly launched games in the series, we still liked him as a character and like how he looks.  He has one of the most clean-cut looks to his outfit with not a whole lot of details.  The jacket is easily one of our favorites with its upper design and flowing bottom.  His vest has some very interesting intricacies that pull everything together.  Finally his hidden blade ranks towards the top from one of the best designed weapons in the series.aveline

3.  Aveline de Grandpré:  One of the things we appreciated about Aveline right away is the fact that she was one of the first assassin’s we encountered to have an actual hat and not a hood.  A little bit of variation is always nice and appreciated.  Beyond that she has a very unique outfit unlike anyone else’s from the buckling and stitching to her colorful belt scarves.  It retains some subtle feminine features, but boldly shows she means business.  There is plenty of intricate work throughout that give her one of the most fascinating costumes.


2.  Jacob Frye:  The newest addition to the series mythology;  we haven’t had time to go hands on with Jacob quite yet, but he already is one of the best dressed assassins to be sure.  He looks perfect for London in the lat 1860’s, especially for after you’ve stabbed someone in the back and looking to quickly blend into the crowd.  He reminds us of Gambit from the X-Men if he were around in this universe and time period with the classy jacket and nicely trimmed vest.  He has a much darker appearance than the other assassin’s in the series, but he still has the red and white tucked away on him as a reminder.


1. Ratonhnhaké:ton:  We know some feel that Connor wasn’t as developed as many of the other’s assassins, he still ranks as our top pick for best dressed.  He does a great job of representing the assassins, as while as the time period of the American Revolution with the red, white, and blue.  He doesn’t go over the top with his design and keeps it simple while still having the slick blue trim on his jacket and basic leggings and arming that look like he fashioned from hunting on the frontier  While it wasn’t a deciding factor, his tomahawk is a pretty amazing accessory/deadly weapon.

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