Editorial: Free Comic Book Day At Superfly Comics and Games

The first Saturday in May has come and gone. I hope everyone had a chance to take an advantage of Free Comic Book Day. It’s now time to thank our favorite comic shop owners for their gracious time.  I personally went down to Yellow Springs, Ohio where I typically go to pick up my comic selection from Superfly Comics and Games.  I have been going to Superfly ever since they opened several years ago.

Super Fly Comics & Games

The shop is currently run by Tony and Jared. These guys know what they are talking about when it comes to comics. The guys are well versed in games of all shapes and sizes. Superfly has a presence at just about every comic book shop within a five state radius. The guys have awesome Magic: The Gathering Events. Musical and creative artists make their way to Superfly  very once and awhile to entertain the masses. It also houses one of the best collections of newer comics, back issues, and graphic novels in my area. Toys and games of all kinds line their walls with playful need to be purchased.

Owner Tony Barry holding my print for Free Comic Book Day

Free Comic Book gave me another chance to continue make a dent in my every growing stash of new reads. Superfly had a gracious 30% off everything in the store. Trust me I need the discount so I can make those dents. The truth is I drive 20 extra minutes out of my way to give my comic collection as much love as I can afford. Superfly Comics and Games is one of the best shops for pop culture and just plain fun if you wanna know what happening with Spider-Man, Superman, or Spawn. Thanks guys!

Superfly is a nice and spacious store

If you have a comic shop you visit then give them a shout out here in the comments!  Some of our staff headed to Bell Book and Comic in Dayton, OH, among other shops around the country, but we’d like to here about where you shop. If you read digital comics, that’s well and good just try to get out and get some human contact and give your comic shop owners some love!

Special Thanks to Adam Hicks…He is the artist of my new print. Thanks for the autograph Adam.

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