Comic Closet: Ultron

Comic Closet: Ultron

At this point most everyone has seen Ultron terrorize the world in Marvel’s latest blockbuster, Avengers:  Age of Ultron.  If you haven’t, what are you reading this for?  Go to a theater and watch it already!  Otherwise in the film, Ultron went through numerous renditions of his physical form to achieve perfection, albeit not as many times in the comics.  In the comics he has changed nearly twenty times!  At times the variations are more extreme from their predecessor, while other times it was just a small change.  This much variety made it one of our tougher comic closets as we weeded through them all.  To keep it at just five we had to make several sacrifices.  On the other hand, for his worst form, we knew it as soon as we saw it.   So check them all out below to see the ultimate AI at its best (no we’re not talking about Arnold Schwarzenegger either.)  Let us know your favorite versions of Ultron in the comments below!


5.  Ultron-6:  Compared to the more “standard” appearances for Ultron, his sixth iteration was one of our favorites.  He has a fairly plain form here, just cold metal and his iconic, terrifying empty face looking back at you.  It still manages to add in some detail to keep him from looking like a T-1000.  The spikes on his shoulder give him a rebellious punk rock look, as to tell Hank Pym, “You’re not my dad!” before he goes off to party with the rest of his robot friends to plan on ending all biological life.


4.  Hank Pym/Ultron:  Father and son together in one body, a horror for them both to be sure.  Coming from the recent OGN Rage of Ultron, the two have combined together to give Ultron his most human like appearance yet.  The gross beating heart you can see through his chest certainly puts that point across.  More than that though, there are a lot of subtleties to his physique that make him look more humanoid than machine.  Even his face that typically looks like a carved silver jack-o-lantern is a bit softer.  His antennas are a little to big as one of our only major problems.  We know it gives him a more Ant-Man like appearance, but does he get HD radio signal with those?  Perfect XM reception?


3.  Age of Ultron:  In the actual comic version of Age of Ultron we saw many versions of the villain himself.  This one happened to grace more covers than actually doing much inside the series.  Still, it is an intimidating version of him.  He is a robot, so why not more arms?  He is one of the most powerful AI’s ever built, the extra arms surely can help with some multitasking as well as helping him physically battle the Avengers.  The exhaust/data/whatever ports on him add a good amount of color to his steely exterior, but also works to convey the power flowing through him.


2. Crimson Cowl:  Before revealing himself to Hank Pym, whose memory of his creation he had wiped, Ultron posed as the Crimson Cowl to hide his true nature.  This is a much later look at him as the Crimson Cowl, but one of our favorite variations.  It gives us a great look at his true mental form, but the giant cloak does a good job of keeping him mysterious and hiding all that raw power he has.  While it makes him look less like himself, after so many variations that are so similar, this is a very nice change of pace.


1.  Annihilation:  Making the top of our list is Ultron’s look as he took control of the Phalanax and brought the biggest lens ever on the space side of Marvel comics.  Here he looks powerful.  He looks regal.  He looks like he is ready to wipe every living being out of the universe.  His face is perfect to impose fear among those brave enough to look him in the eyes and the red cape is a nice contrast against his body (we just love capes too!)  The film did a great job bringing him to life practically, while this form is easily the best in the comic medium showing why he should be feared.

Dishonorable Mention


Ultron-1:  Do you wonder why Ultron hates the Avengers and all of life so much?  Look no further than his original form as Ultron-1.  He looks like an evil, metal Mr. Potato Head.  Think of how pissed you would be after having your first sentient thought and then seeing your reflection as this. You’d be pretty pissed at life too.  Sorry to cross mediums and publishers, but it’s like Jack Nicholson’s Joker seeing his face for the first time;  it drove him crazy, we can empathize.  If Pym ever really wants to punish him, just toss him back in this and be done with it.  Otherwise Ultron was right to erase Pym’s memory of this, it’s one of those embarrassing things he doesn’t want to remember. We’re fine forgetting about this too for that matter.

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