C2E2: Minimates 2015: From TMNT to The Walking Dead Panel Recap

C2E2 offered up many wonderful panels, ranging from comic books, to movies, to even toys. Minimates toys to be exact with the Minimates 2015:  From TMNT to The Walking Dead panel held on Friday. By now, we all know what Minimates toys are, with that being said, Minimates had a lot to offer with their panel, starting off with the announcement that Toys R Us will get Hulk Buster, Angry Hulk, Bruce Banner, and War Machine double packs that will roll out within the next month or so. They also revealed Antman and SpongeBob Minimates with the SpongeBob ones being out now with Toys R Us getting an Exclusive Plankton figure. Valiant fans, you’re gonna love this one, Bloodshot will be getting his own series of Minimate figures which you can see those and all announced in the gallery below. Moving on to the next round, Alien will be getting the Minimate treatment with Toys R Us getting an exclusive Deluxe Queen Alien with battle damaged Bishop.

Predator was announced with a series of double packs. On September 4th, Walgreens will start selling Marvel Minimates figures. No starting price yet, but Minimates spoke out about trying for a $9.99 price tag. They then moved on to Teenage Mutant Turtles.  They will be releasing Comic Book versions of the Turtles and company, which they hope to release in a couple of months. Comic Book Men 5 pack is close to releasing. Retailers will be getting a zombie version of Jay and Silent Bob, which will come with heads for the 5 Comic Book Men that are interchangeable with those figures.

The Kill Bill line has been continued and will see two lines of new figures. The Pulp Fiction line has been shipped to Comic Book and Specialty stores. A third box set of Sin City figures have been confirmed. The Walking Dead sets have been sent to comic shops. Which will see a Maggie Greene that will come with an Exclusive Whisperer. Minimates then jumped to video game figures, mention Mass Effect being exclusive to GameStop, which then they announced they would not only like to branch out to other retailers for Game figures, but also that Dragon Age figures would be coming as soon as Wednesday April 29th. They also were asked about branching out into other video games and spoke about wanting to hook up with other video game companies to do more figures.

Grimm Fairy-Tails have shipped to comic shops and specialty stores. Minimates then moved onto TV show’s/movies  announcing that Gotham would be getting its own line as well speaking out that they would love to do Daredevil, Arrow, and Flash, if they can get the go ahead to do so.

Back 2 The Future figures will continue and more are incoming. Minimates closed up their panel with one final announcement. That announcement being they are teaming with Marvel to do Secret Wars Figures. More information on those will be coming soon as they teased. Minimates had their panel lined up with some amazing announcements and continuations, let us know in the comments what you’re excited for and remember, you can check the gallery below for all the pics of those announced.

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