Gotham: Under the Knife Review

  • Episode: Under the Knife (S01E019)
  • Review:  ★★★

Sadly Gotham only has two episodes left before we go on summer break until the next season. We left off when it was discovered that the Ogre was stalking Barbara. Did he pick her or is it just a coincidence? Time will tell, but it seems he might have picked someone with too much will power.

Barbara’s appearances on the show have been sparse and somewhat pointless except for guidance that she has shown Selina. It’s more of a character build for Selina then Barbara. The one thing we do know is that Barbara and Jim do end up together at some point. Providing Gotham falls back on all of the Batman mythos. None the less, Barbara survives the first night with the Ogre and they decide that they are going to the ball for Wayne Enterprises.


During this time Gordon continues his investigation since stopping isn’t an option. Eventually Gordon and Harvey are led to the Ogre’s upbringing. They discover his would be mother has been dead for several years and her remains have been there for awhile. The Ogre has been going through some changes both physical and mental.

The writers are making sure they have a villain decent enough to with stand Gordon’s determination. He even threatens Gordon one time. Gordon does his best to protect Leslie, not realizing that the Ogre has already made contact with Barbara.


While all the Ogre stuff is happening, Bruce and Selina take time to investigate an employee of Wayne Enterprises. Ironically they attend the same ball where Barbara and Ogre are present. The funny thing about the whole situation is Selina preparing for the ball with Barbara. She doesn’t enjoy dressing up and going public. Bruce and her are dancing and Selina mentions that everyone is looking at them. Bruce replies, “I am Bruce Wayne”. It points out the influence that Bruce already has and he knows it.


The Penguin continues his quest for revenge over Maroni. There’s a very weird scene with Oswald’s mother and Sal. Edward Nigma also has a sequence that builds his character cred toward forwarding who he will eventually become.

It’s become an excellent show and a nice building block to the Dark Knight’s world.  The Ogre especially is a great new addition to the world, unlike Fish who has worn out her welcome.100thppl


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