C2E2: Valiant: 25th Anniversary Celebration Panel Recap

AT C2E2 Saturday during the Valiant: 25th Anniversary Celebration panel it was all about their current titles and what we can expect from the future in the Valiant universe.

Their latest series, Bloodshot Reborn was the first to be discussed. In it, attention was brought to Bloodshot’s new “friend” Bloodsquirt, writer Jeff Lemire’s art contribution to the title. The fifth issue will actually feature the “origin” of Bloodsquirt, showing off the Squirt World, with squirt versions of the other Valiant universe. Currently the title is plotted out through issue #25. Previously announced, they mentioned Butch Guice will be working on the second arc.

On Ninjak’s side of things, his next arc The Shadow Wars will put him up against 4 entirely new villains. Each issue of the arc will feature one of the villains and a different artist providing art.

X-O Manowar will of course be having his wedding soon. Amy Chu was on hand to talk about her contribution to the issue, a short story that will focus on the bride to be Saana.

In Ivar, Timewalker, the time traveling hero will be assembling a team to help save the universe as previously announce. It was revealed that the previously seen future Eternal Warrior will actually have a big part to play in the series soon.

When Rai returns in August it will find him cast down on Earth. It will get a chance to see what Earth is really like in the future, as well as show what has become of certain heroes, possibly the Eternal Warrior for instance since he is immortal.

Their latest miniseries Divinity has blown away their expectations with sales, which has caused constant sellouts on the title. Matt Kindt said he wanted to do something Unity related, but not have in the confines of that book. They are definitely interested in doing a sequel at some time.

Toyo Harada’s journey in Imperium will have his newly created “team” come together for the first time in the second arc during issue #5, with all of the introductions out of the way. They said the new arc contains what they feel is one of the best issues of the year.

Of course their biggest event this summer is the announced Book of Death, which will reveal the deaths of the major characters in the Valiant Universe. The young Geomancer that came from the future in The Valiant has her book of history all Geomancer’s possess, giving the past a look into the grim future. It will show the next wearer of the X-O Manowar armor, Ninjak in 100 years, and more during the one-shots that will accompany the main series. The main series itself will deal with the dynamic of the Geomancer who was raised by the future Eternal Warrior and thinks of him as a father with all the experience they shared, and the present Eternal Warrior who finds himself caring for this young child. Typically the Earth chooses the next Geomancer when the time is right, so having a new Geomancer in the present throws the Earth out of balance with the fallout being shown.

At the end of the panel they took time to reiterate their newly announced Bloodshot and Harbinger films they are working on Sony with.  Bloodshot and Harbinger will each have two films, culminating in the crossover event, Harbinger Wars.

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