The Flash: Who is Harrison Wells? Review

  • Episode:  Who is Harrison Wells?  (S01E19)
  • Review:  ★★★

With only four episodes remaining this season on The Flash, we have to ask Who is Harrison Wells? The fact is that we as the viewers already know his identity. So it is up to our characters to continue to discover who he is this week.

I’m personally glad the writers let us in on the secret. We’ve been able to see how evil the Reverse Flash can really be. I wonder if Thawne has actually bothered to see the fate of those he’s killed along the way. Can he see the changes he has made in the timeline? Many questions to be answered before the season wraps up.


Either way this weeks episode comes back to the status quo in terms of storytelling, where Barry has to defeat a super powered villain to win the day. This week he confronts a shape changer that has been framing innocent people to commit crimes. He even frames Eddie for shooting two police officers. It becomes tricky as it’s somewhat hard to prove that he didn’t do it a there was video footage to show. What this sets up for the local law enforcement is that there are some things in Central City that can’t be stopped by the police. They need the Flash to take care of the bad guys with powers.


While the bad guy is Barry’s focus of the story, Joe and Sisco have their own task this week. They head off to Starling City to try to uncover more about Harrison’s past. Guest stars happen again this week: Captain Lance and Laurel Lance show up to help Joe and Sisco. It’s nice that the CW has managed to have their characters flow in and out of Arrow and The Flash. They use Sisco to help Laurel (Black Canary) create a sonic cry which we will probably see used on the Arrow show. They also uncover some evidence about Wells that creates more mysteries for them, but we know the deal.

With four episodes remaining this one was good, but not great. The villain of the week can get a bit tiring. Still, the finale and lead up to it should be something to see.



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