C2E2: Spotlight Matt Kindt Panel Recap

Saturday at C2E2 Dark Horse Comics presented the Spotlight on Matt Kindt panel which took a look back at the creator’s time at the publisher, what he is working on now, and what is to come.

His debut at Dark Horse 3 Story:  The Secret History of the Giant Man was reminisced, where Kindt explained the idea came from a tall relative and what would happen if they kept growing.  He mentioned that he hated the cover, even after several attempts, but his wife suggested the die-cut, which he loved and was used in the final product.

His current epic series Mind MGMT was next discussed, reflecting back on it as it is nearing the end.  He recalled Mike Richardson of Dark Horse asked to see his pitch for the series, which was submitted as 54 issues at the start.  Eventually he cut down the number to 36, as he wanted to avoid drawing it out unnecessarily.  It forced him to make the space count, in which he want each issue to feel special and not just a small clip of an arc.

The iconic paper grid actually came about by accident when he left a sheet behind the first art he scanned.  He loved the look, as it makes it feel like an agent handbook.  The agent side text was only supposed to be used through the first 6 issues, but he liked it enough and kept it.

From the start he knew the ending from the series.  He mentioned it did evolve slightly over time, as the characters had naturally developed.  Some characters also lived much longer than they were supposed to, as he couldn’t bring himself to kill them right away.  This changed the ending, but the ending also changed because he wanted a giant fight, but it added more.  Looking back at its origins one more time, it was brought up that the title Mind MGMT came from the title of a class his brother took and he loved the name, especially how his brother wrote it.

His current series Past Aways was the next topic, his first creator owned series he didn’t draw.  In not providing the art, he joked he added a lot of things in the story that he didn’t want to draw.  He reached out to Scott Kolins about working on his first creator owned project to try new things.  He said he pulled a lot of inspiration from Jack Kirby’s 4th World.  He wanted it to be more of a comedy and especially lighter in tone than Mind MGMT, but when he submitted the first script, he realized it was to dark and reworked it into its current state.

His upcoming work was talked about, specifically 2 Sisters and a new upcoming ongoing series for Dark Horse he will be working with his wife on.

During the Q&A at the end, a fan of Mind MGMT asked if after the series wraps, if he plans on revisiting the series.  He replied he did have ideas and stories that were left on the cutting room floor and was interested in doing either a quarterly or annual continuation with this material.  Lastly, an attendee asked if he already had Past Aways mapped out, of which he said he does have a beginning, middle, and end in mind.

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