C2E2: Marvel Heroes – The Action RPG of 2015 Panel Recap

During C2E2 at the Marvel Heroes – The Action RPG of 2015 panel, developer Gazillion Entertainment had plenty to share on their Marvel RPG.  This upcoming week, they will be releasing The Avengers as playable characters for FREE! In addition to The Avengers, you’ll be able to play as in character in the game mode “Age OF Ultron”. There will be different phases or medals and you’ll be able to earn rewards depending on how fast you beat each phase. In addition to this exciting news, The Hulk Buster will be included in the game as well. Scarlet Witch will be getting a makeover in both the looks and power departments. She will have what was described as Chaos Damage attached to her powers. She will also have a new signature move which will do a huge amount of damage for a limited period of time. Scarlet Witch will also be getting a new Ultimate Ability based on the House Of M.

Vision was announced and will be able to shift densities. He will be able to shoot laser beams, go invisible, gain super speed, and do huge amounts of destruction. New Character announced, which you’ll be able to see pics of below are Doctor Doom who will be sporting the Future Foundation Costume. Gazillion then switched focus to the Team Ups, introducing Team Ups 2.0. Team Ups 2.0 will be a giant revamp of the system and be much more interactive. The team ups can not die/be defeated. They will also have a skill tree, that you can level up. When a Team Up reaches a new level, it will give the player more points to summon. Items will now affect skills as well. The revamp will be coming very soon and the first character to roll out will be Quicksilver, followed by Archangel X-Force, followed by, which was a pretty big announcement, Spider-Gwen. Gazillion also confirmed that Ashley Johnson, voice actress of Elle from The Last Of Us will be voicing Spider-Gwen.

New Costumes were also announced. Those new costumes are Battle Damaged Spider-Man and Female Thor. Both can be earned and will different voice-overs. Gazillion also announced that YOU the FANS will get to choose the next character to go into the game. There will be five choices, those choices will be: Red Hulk for Hulk Players, American Dream From MC 2 Universe for Captain America Players, Symbiote Rocket Raccoon with Symbiote Groot for Rocket Raccoon players, Spider-Man 2099 for Spider-Man players, and Sabertooth for Wolverine players. Voting is live on Marvelheroes.com

The Danger Room is also being added as a new location to go along with a new game mode titled “Danger Room”. The new game mode will be a random generated dungeon that will give you randomized chips. The randomized chips will give the enemies of that level randomized mechanics. So you load up one level and the enemies could have super speed and rocket launchers, or something to that effect. They also confirmed that Limbo will be brought back with another new game mode. They didn’t exactly go into detail on what they game mode is, but they did confirm it will be “Seven waves of crazy stuff”.

The new features just keep continuing with Gazillion confirming there will now be a unified story, allowing players to play with friends and other people who are not the same level. Each zone will have a level cap that when players level up over will allow them to have a short increase or boost in skills than those who are the exact level or lower. They also confirmed the inclusion of achievements finally. They said when they first wanted to include achievements, they were going to do 100. They confirmed there will be close to 700 achievements. They have also talked about including leader boards. There will be unique character awards.

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