C2E2: Marvel Puzzle Quest

Day 2 of C2E2 has started off really well for us, as we got to talk with the creators of the fun mobile game Marvel Puzzle Quest, a game we just recently started playing ourselves (we know world, we are late.)

The game plays out like a traditional Puzzle Quest game, except you play as a team of three super heroes that you’ll earn and collect by gathering various comic book covers in game. When playing as the three characters, each one will have their own symbol on certain tiles. Match the symbol/tile and that character will do damage.  On the other side of the screen sits a team of three enemies or villains. When facing a villain, he or she will match strike for strike for strike. There are also special attacks that each character can earn by doing normal matches. Once earned, you tap the heroes symbol under their character and they’ll do a special attack dealing more damage.

Currently going this weekend is an Age of Ultron event, where you can unlock an exclusive Scarlet Witch to use in game.

During The Avengers Age Of Ultron week, next week, they will be running the event over again, but this time allowing to get an exclusive Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver.

The game is completely free to play, with microtransactions, but fear not true believers, everything in the game can be unlocked just by playing. There are sixty nine characters in total as of this writing in the base game, but D3 Games have assured us, they will be adding more characters and variants. The time table they are looking at is every couple of weeks from here on out, possibly quicker.

Marvel Puzzle Quest is an amazingly addicted game, that I myself have yet to stop playing. Let us know in the comments if you’re having just as much fun and stay locked here as we’ll be covering more of the game!

Marvel Puzzle Quest is available for free on iOS, Android, and PC Via Steam.

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