C2E2: Marvel: Last Days Panel Recap

The Marvel Universe as we all know it will soon be over as we face the impending Secret Wars. If you knew your world was going to end how would you spend your remaining time? Marvel aimed to answer that question through the eyes of some its most colorful cast of characters at their Marvel:  Last Days Panel at C2E2 Saturday.

Black Widow has been in a very dark place in her book and her final days we will see her deal with the guilt of who she is and what she has had to do. We will see the worst thing she ever had to do in her time spent in the Red Room.  We Will experience how this deed still haunts Natasha and how she may redeem herself in the face of the coming en

Frank Castle has been up to his gun clip in trouble in his solo book and has had many players moving against him in this chess game. As Frank faces the end of the world, he’ll handle it the only way he knows ; balls to the wall, buns blazing and leaving behind a pile of bodies.

Sam Wilson  didn’t know how full he have his hands in leading the Avengers, but now must face the end of the world as Cap. How will he process it? You’ll have to read to find out. The panel also teased that we, the readers, have a role to play in this story.

The elder Loki in Loki Agent of Asgard has been moving many pieces into place over the run of this book, and now that the Gods know that the end of their stories loom, Asgard sits on the brink of war. King Loki will light the fuse and get the chaos started which lead to a showdown between him and his current day counterpart.

All of the Marvel Universe will  be gone and all that will remain is Battleworld. This is not limited to Earth but stretches out to the Cosmos as well. Everything not on earth will cease to be.  Except the Surfer.  Not only has the Surfer managed to survive in the void, but he has also been given the power to recreate the entire cosmos, but is he alone out there? Perhaps something else is out there? Time will tell.

Jessica Drew has never been comfortable fighting big Epic Battles and has preferred a ‘Street Level’ gig. Together with Ben Urich she’s protected her town, but what happens when it’s all going to go away? We Will find out how Jess makes her last stand.

Ant-Man will find himself spending his days living out the retirement dream…in a retirement home for Golden Age Superheros. Hijinks ensue.

The last days approach and we must simply watch.


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