C2E2: The New DC Universe Panel Recap

We are here at C2E2 bringing you all the news. It’s an exciting time for DC comics as we explore whats new in the DC Universe during The New DC Universe Panel.

Harley Quinn has had hands full these days between being a doctor and the savior of all animals. She’s been so busy that she’s decided to recruit a gang. You read that right, a gang of Harleys. What do you need to do to be in Harleys gang?  According to Amanda Connor you just need to show and be able to kick some butt. Harley’s path will take her up against a strong armed sailor named Captain strong; he’s decked out with Anchors on his arms and gets his powers from eating green…seaweed. I said seaweed. Sound familiar? The panel tounge-in-cheek noted the similarities between him and another strong man who likes to eat green food.

Recently Harley teamed up with an amnesic Power girl. They were briefly swept away into an alternate world and though it only seemed like a moment for us, Power Girl returned wearing a wedding dress and Harley was holding an armful of puppies. With Harley Quinn and Power Girl #1 we will finally learn what wild and crazy adventures they had.

Starfire’s new book will see her settling into Key West Florida. In many ways Kory is still adjusting to Earth and doesn’t quite understand our practices and social norms. Connor stated that while the book will not be as light-hearted and fun as Harley Quinn we will be treated to a fish out of water story as Starfire adjusts.

James Tynion was on hand to discuss his new book, Constantine:  The Hellblazer. This title marks the return of the Hellblazer moniker. The focus will be on the darker corners of the DC universe

We are Robin will center on a gang that styles themselves on The Boy Wonder himself.

Wonder Woman will face off against Donna Troy in the pages of Wonder Woman Annual #1. David Finch spoke briefly about the new costume stating that she needed a costume that was as visually exciting as her Justice League counterparts. He also went on to say that it was a way to “give her pants without giving her pants”.

Bizarro #1 will feature Jimmy Olsen and Bizarro on their way to the Bizarro America, Canada. The title is modeled after Planes, Trains, and Automobiles and promises plenty of high jinks.

Selina, in the wake of the events in Batman Eternal, has rediscovered herself as a mob boss. She is thriving in her new role, but finds herself at odds with her costume counterpart. She dons the costume once more to accomplish things that only Catwoman can get done. She wants to leave that life behind but frequently runs into people she can’t get away from. One person being Stephanie Brown, who is ready to spoil her plans.

DC has twists and turns and something for everyone. It’s a great time for new DC books.

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