C2E2: Marvel: House of Ideas Panel Recap

Friday at C2E2, Marvel hosted their Marvel:  House of Ideas Panel which featured a look at their digital side of things with Ryan Penagos, Nick Lowe, and C.B. Cebulski.

Their subscription service, Marvel Unlimited was first up.  They discussed the fact that Star Wars issues had just hit the service, as well as the fact that what Marvel is doing is officially part of cannon, while the Dark Horse Comics and other previous stories are considered Star Wars Legends, star wars cannon, star wars legends

They briefly broached the X-Men ’92 Infinite comic, saying that the digital copy is a much better experience than the physical adaptation.

During their game side of the discussion, Marvel Contest of Champions was first up with the latest trailer to show the game off.  They talked about the recent Age of Ultron additions to the game, including the fact that you can now have Hulk vs Hulkbuster battles.

In Spider-Man Unlimited the latest trailer was shown.  They talked about that the Spider-Verse finale recently added.  Also a point was made to mention that right now you can vote for which Spider-Verse character you want going on now.

Finally for the game, Marvel Puzzle Quest was brought up, and the fact that Age of Ultron content in incoming.

Marvel AR was shown off, specifically the behind the scenes features you can access in The Death of Wolverine.

Their upcoming original video series Tales to Astonish was shown again, of which they said is still coming soon.

The end of the presentation was devoted to showing off their Marvel Super Heroes: What The–?! video series with the latest release and mention of their various podcasts they feature.

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