Arrow: Broken Arrow Review

    • Episode:  Broken Arrow (S01E19)
    • Review:  ★★★★☆

While it’s been few weeks since we’ve reviewed Arrow, things have not been going real smooth for Oliver and company.  Ra’s al Ghul is still pressuring Oliver to become the new head of the demon. I think that it will eventually happen when the season breaks, but time will tell.


When we last left Oliver, he was being taken into custody for being the Arrow. Ra’s told Captain Lance the truth about Oliver and Ollie turned himself in to the police. Oliver believes this to be the last resort so he could save his friends. At the beginning of the show, though, Roy Harper shows up as the Arrow and takes Oliver’s place. Oliver has to struggle with trying to break Roy out of jail. The whole sequence of events is very hard to watch as Lance does his best to take out the entire “Arrow” operation.


Like most superheroes shows, there’s a bad guy to fight and this week is no different. There’s a bank robber that has laser beams coming out of his eyes. It’s very cool actually, The Flash and Arrow sort of switch bad guys with Oliver taking on a metahuman. The one theme making it all tie together is Ray Palmer. Ray uses his Atom suit to help fight the super powered villain. The episode is used to help teach the good guys a lesson in being helped by the ones that love you. It also shows the resources that Oliver’s friends have.


Every episode is another one that pushes Oliver in that direction. I’m kind of tired of the brooding Arrow character who is a know it all. Plus the flashbacks with Oliver’s five years away is alright, but breaks the ongoing story up too much.  On the positive side, the big goodbye was emotional and Ra’s al Ghul ends up giving us another surprise at the end of the episode which kept us on our toes.  It will continue to help make the season as good as possible.

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