The Flash: All-Star Team Up Review

    • Episode:  All-Star Team Up  (S01E18)
    • Review:  ★★★★☆

The opening of the show is real fun with Barry helping Joe and Eddie catch some bad guys.  When we last left the scarlet speedster though, Barry and Joe revealed to Eddie that Barry was the Flash. While this makes situations easier for Joe and Barry, it tends to create issues with Eddie. They still don’t tell Iris Barry is the Flash;  it’s classic TV drama build up to the reveal. I like Eddie’s character but if the comics are a clue, Barry does end up with Iris anyways.


Now the title of the episode is “All-Star Team Up” so there are guest appearances. Felicity and Ray Palmer show up in Central City looking for some help with the Atom Suit. There are some nice puns and jokes about billionaires flying around in suits as super-heroes. It seems everyone is in on the Barry is the Flash gag as well. Sisco and Ray hit it off with some excellent science banter. They use all the events to push Ray into action to help Barry.


The primary motivation for the whole story is that there are bees killing people. Of course the bees have a controller, who is a major bad guy with an ego set out for revenge. The writers use this episode to push Atom’s visibility higher in the DC universe. It’s way to hopefully get the Atom suit to shrink like we all know and love from the comics though. Through out the show Sisco has death “flashbacks” about being killed by the Reverse Flash. It should push the Sisco and Catlin into Barry’s distrust of  Harrison.


The show has some great action scenes, but still uses the basic bad guy function that gets a little tiring.  As the season draws closer to the finale though, we should have some higher stake villains ready for action.

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