Gotham: Beasts of Prey Review

  • Episode: Beasts of Prey (S01E018)
  • Review:  ★★★☆☆

After a short break, finally Gotham returns. Gordon has been announced by Commissioner Loeb as a candidate to become the president of the GCPD union. This seems like an olive branch between Loeb and Gordon, but not so fast.

Loeb has another officer show Gordon an unsolved murder of a girl. Gordon, in his strong morality, sees this a case that needs to be solved. It seems that Loeb has sent Gordon on a wild goose chase. There’s an urban legend within the GCPD of a serial killer that can’t be caught because the killer will go after Jim’s family. Milo Vertimiglia from Heroes plays “the Ogre” in this episode and he is stone cold. This story should stretch out for a couple episode and will strengthen Jim’s resolve to clean up Gotham.

mile ogre

When we last left Fish Mooney she was continuing to improve her situation with her organ harvesting captures. I’m actually bored of this story line. I don’t feel Fish has a strong role in Gotham anymore, and she should have disappeared for good after her fall. Her character really only works well when she’s annoying the Penguin. Oswald’s story is the one that is more grounded to Batman’s history. It is his rise to power is the one that makes sense and is a much more colorful character that we all love to hate.  Most likely though we wont have to worry about her for much longer.


Lastly, Bruce spends a good chunk of the episode trying to find Reggie Payne. He was the man whole stabbed Alfred a few episodes back. Bruce catches up with him with the help of Selena. He confronts the man and has a choice put before him that his a nice building block to who Batman will eventually become. It also leads to Selena’s darker side.

This episode has a really good ending/cliff hanger and continues to be worth watching.



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