Gem City Comic Con 15: Battle of the Cosplayers Winners

Gem City Comic Con is behind us once again after another great show filled with some awesome Dayton cosplayers.  We’ve been watching the poll eagerly the last two weeks and watched the top two battle it out for the first place spot since nearly the beginning.  Both were fantastic costumes, as well were all those costumes that we captured that were right behind them.  Now though, the voting has ended and everything has been tallied and verified.  Check out below for the top three picks for our Gem City Comic Con 15:  Battle of the Cosplayers!

3rd with 5.18% of the votes, Raven and the Question!


It was a tough contest, but this super duo pulled out ahead into third place.  While in the comics we never saw Raven and the Question really team-up, that’s what cosplay is for!  Both pulled off their respective costumes perfectly to make the DC universe proud.  

2nd with 33.54% of the votes, Hellboy!


Hellboy battled it out the entire poll and landed in a very respectable 2nd with a large majority of the votes.  As soon as we saw the small, shaved down horns we knew this costume was going to be awesome, but the fist put it over the top!  

1st with 42.07% of the votes, Star-Lord and Rocket Raccoon!


It’s almost not fair!  The Guardians of the Galaxy film came out last year but is still one of the biggest franchises in comics.  If they had a dancing baby Groot with them, everyone might as well have given up!  Grootless or not, these two cosplayers had great costumes that kept Blue Swede – Hooked On A Feeling stuck in our heads once again.

We want to congratulate our cosplay winners and thank all of our viewers that voted in the poll!  Of course, a big thank you to all of the great Dayton cosplayers that came out and rocked our world at the Nutter Center!  We had a great time at Gem City Comic Con 15 and look forward to coming back for a third year in a row to hopefully see these great cosplayers once again.  If you enjoyed checking out our cosplay coverage, remember to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for further updates.  We’re making our second appearance at C2E2 in less than two weeks, so you can expect a massive amount of cosplay to come!

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