Game of Thrones: The Wars To Come Review

  • Episode:  The Wars To Come  (S05E01)
  • Review:  ★★★★☆

So the question is are you caught up with the end of season four? Did the events at the end of last season make you want to experience the fifth to its fullest? So where do we start?

First off, admittedly going into our first Game of Thrones review, I haven’t read the books so my perspective is one-sided. With everything that goes on in just one show I can image the books are steeped with a much deeper view that Westeros actually exists to be. Second, the series is one of those shows where what you think you want to happen never happens.  It’s always the worst case scenarios and with all the politics involved, the good guys never really win?

Daenerys – Khaleesi has her own problems to speak of.  Two of her dragons are still chained up and are not listening to their mother any more. The slaves that Daenerys freed are starting to find ways to kill the unsullied. The first murder to speak of is extremely disturbing, but not unlike some other gruesome deaths that Game of Thrones throws at us. She also has to deal with another political issue. Even with all those events on her side of the world, I think a lot of what they do with her is tedious and almost played out.  Here side by nature just gets drawn out more than we would like.


Tyrion and Varys –  Tyrion has spent the off-season in a box being hidden away. I really like Tyrion, I imagine there’s a much bigger plot for him in the future. Varys and Tyrion spend most of the episode talking about the future of Westeros. Varys points out that Tyrion is charismatic and a strong leader to a point. He believes Daenerys is the one to possibly take the Throne, so of course they’re going to have plenty of interaction with her soon.

Cersei and Jaime – These two spend most of the episode grieving over the loss of their father. There is a really cool flashback with Cersei as a child and a witch. We will see how their story goes since a lot of their power has been hurt from Joffrey’s death and now their father.

Brienne and Pod – At the end of the season, Brienne kicked the Hound’s ass. Her quest seems pointless, but I like the character and I hope she gets to eventually protect the Stark line.


Sansa and Littlefinger – Love or hate Littlefinger, his existence in Westeros makes the world all the more interesting. I like to think of him as the underdog. He has some power here and there, but his goals seem more personal.


Jon Snow, Mance Rayder, and Stannis Baratheon- The King’s Watch has survived the siege at the wall in the last season. Stannis comes up with this idea to get Mance to “bend the knee” and have the Wildlings join Stannis. His goal is to  take back Winterfell and strengthen the North. Stannis needs this to improve his power base. The final resolve in this sequence is very commanding of Jon’s character. It something to be seen and not told.


The fifth season has a strong start, even if not for all the characters.  It will be interesting to see where things go from here, especially with Tyrion’s mix into Daenerys’ world to hopefully mix things up even more.


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