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Top 5 Costumes:  Scorpion

Once again Mortal Kombat has co-opted our weekly “Closet” special feature with a giant uppercut to the face.  It’s hard to think of much else when you’re ripping out copious amounts of spines all week in Mortal Kombat X.  At that rate, no one causes the trademark horrific brutality of the series more so than one of the games biggest and most popular undead ninjas, Scorpion.  There’s nothing like hearing the blood curdling, “Get over here!” while you’re playing.  Well, maybe when you hear “Toasty!”  Since the very first game Scorpion has engrained himself on us because not only is he a badass, but he looks like a badass.  Over the years his costume has gone through numerous revisions while still maintaining his classic look.  Does the additional detail make it look better, or is more traditional better?  We grabbed what we feel are his top five costumes, looking at his very first to his current Mortal Kombat X.  He receives no dishonorable mention though, because he’s Scorpion.  Which also means he scares the hell out of us.  Check out our picks below and let us know your favorites in the comments!


5.  Mortal Kombat:  Deadly Alliance:  His costume for Deadly Alliance try to stick close to his original but added a lot of unnecessary changes. His armor being more padded looks cumbersome and the rippling out into the little peaks is useless fluff.  While we never thought we would appreciate thigh pads, the skull thigh pads actually look really nice and are the best addition.


4. Original:  It’s hard not to love his original costume, or Sub-Zero’s or Reptile’s for that matter. It wasn’t fancy, it was just a more traditional ninja garb without the frills. The ro e may have been born of necessity for the color palette swap in telling the difference between him and the others, but its hard to picture him without it.  The look is just as iconic as “Get over here!”


3.  Mortal Kombat X:  The name of the game for his latest costume is straps.  Lots and lots of straps. Stylistically it does make him look like the cool kid on the playground, but does Scorpion really have enough time to buckle all of those straps before a fight?  Or does he just not take it off and he’s the smelly kid on the playground?  Hey don’t steal our lunch money, we’re just worried about the logistics even though we are a fan of it.


2.  Injustice:  More so than any of his other costumes, his costume for Injustice actually made him look more like an actual scorpion than ever before.  His yellow robe is transformed into something tough that looks like an exoskeleton.  The blades coming from his gauntlets look deadly as they should be, but the look of stingers coming from his back completes the package.  It was a nice revision to his classic look while having some fun with his name.


1.  Mortal Kombat 9:  Once again the ninth entry in the franchise gave us one of our favorite costumes.  His suit was kept simple and didn’t try to reinvent the wheel.  His belt looks great and the spearhead weighing it down at the bottom is an excellent reference to his most memorable ability.   His under garments add some nice, slight detail to the package, while also giving him a little extra protection from the looks of it.  The only part we could do without would be his shoulder pads, but even with them this easily tops as our favorite.

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