The Top Ten Things We Want In Daredevil Season 2

Warning, this article contains SPOILERS for Daredevil:  Season 1

The first season of Marvel’s Daredevil on Netflix has dropped and what one hell of a show it is!  You can tell how much we loved it based on our review of the complete season.  After having speed through it once (alright, twice) we are left to ponder what is to come next year with a second season that presumably is coming.  The first season gave us the origins of both Matt Murdock and Wilson Fisk on the way to their respective destinies, along with plenty of Easter eggs of what we can expect next.  Based on that, we’ve compiled the top ten things we want to see in season 2.  Honestly we easily could have written twenty things we would like to see, but we had to draw the line to a point. If you haven’t had the chance to finish the entire first season, just beware that we don’t hold back so there are SPOILERS.  Otherwise, check out what we picked for our most wanted and let us know in the comments of anything we missed you want to see!


10.  Love Triangle

In the early comics, one of the most interesting parts of the Nelson and Murdock Law Firm is the love triangle between Matt, Foggy, and Karen.  Matt loves Karen but doesn’t want to profess it, Foggy loves Karen and tries to win her over whenever he can, but she loves Matt and is too afraid to be with a blind man.  Of course this would take several alterations, especially considering how terrible Karen’s prejudices makes her seem today, but it was still a big part of their origin.  With the first season, they showed possible hints of this with Foggy and Karen having their “date” and made it seem that Karen may have stronger feelings for Matt at times.  Matt and Foggy already had to overcome one hurdle in their relationship, this could add in more drama by straining it further.  The only problem this could run into would be if another certain woman were to enter the picture, who we will be getting to later on this list.


9.  Phil Ulrich

The biggest surprise to us during the entire season had to be Ben Ulrich’s death.  In the comics, Ben is an integral part of the Daredevil mythos as an outsider looking in and as an important ally.  Going forward without him is hard to imagine, but they could always bring in his nephew Phil to fill in the role.  In the comics, Phil had followed in his uncle’s footsteps by joining the Daily Bugle.  They’re not going to follow the comics directly anyways, so all they need to do is throw out Phil’s journey into a good Green Goblin and turn as the Hobgoblin.  Right from the start he will have a reason to be impassioned to continue his uncle’s work due to his death, leaving Daredevil an ally who can give him crucial information.


8.  Phil Coulson Cameo

Up until the very last episode, we had our hearts set on Phil Coulson arriving in Hell’s Kitchen on a quinjet to deliver Matt his red costume.  While the direction they went was still just as satisfying to any longtime Daredevil reader, we still want Coulson!  He has been the connector that brought together the Marvel universe since the first Iron Man.  What better way to introduce Daredevil to the Avengers as a potential ally than having Coulson pull it off in some way (assuming the Avengers ever find out he is still alive.)


7.  Melvin Potter as the Gladiator

The introduction of the mentally unhinged Melvin Potter was fantastic, especially helped by the great performance of Matt Gerald.  They’ve already shown him as a formidable fighter, but more than that they briefly showed us that he is already on his way to developing his own suit.  Could something happen to Betsy to set him over the edge to terrify the city?  Even better, could his rampage lead Matt and Foggy to representing him?


6.  More Courtroom Drama

Matt Murdock may be Daredevil at night, but he is a lawyer by day.  The first season showed himself and Foggy in the courtroom once, but next season we would like to see even more.  It’s tough to find a balance with all the criminals Matt had to hospitalize, but this season outside the courtroom they felt more like private investigators than anything.  There are many things that could change this, they could represent Melvin Potter if he completes his transformation.  Easily the most likely possibility is going to be Wilson Fisk’s impending trial which could bring plenty of legal drama.


5.  The Owl

Leland Owlsley was quite different from his comic book counterpart.  Many forget that the Kingpin was not Daredevil’s enemy until the 70’s, having debuted in The Amazing Spider-Man #50, while the Owl was introduced all the way back in issue #3.  That’s not to say we didn’t like Bob Gunton’s take on the character immensely as the corrupt accountant behind Wilson Fisk’s operation, it was just a big change.  Still, we would love to see the transformation to rival crime boss and physical threat.  While Leland was, we assume, killed by the Kingpin during his drop, his son was mentioned twice, and we at least know he happens to have the first name Lee.  Could he be Leland Owlsley Jr.?  With his father’s money and thirst for revenge against Wilson Fisk, he could easily start his own empire and obtain some upgrades to go talon-to-toe against Daredevil at the same time.


4.  Super Hero Team Up

Now that Matt’s fully turned into Daredevil by the end of the first season, it’s time for some classic team ups!  This includes a long-range of possibilities.  The long shot starts with any member of the Avengers, even though we could see him and Captain America or Hawkeye as good matches.  The more real possibilities of course include his fellow Netflix heroes, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, or Iron Fist.  Even Agent’s of S.H.I.E.L.D. has a few possibilities such as Mockingbird or Deathlok.  How about someone new, such as a vigilante who doesn’t have a problem killing, Frank Castle?  We could always hope for a Spider-Man team-up, but just like the Avengers that is probably not going to happen.


3.  Elektra

We really cannot imagine them not bringing in Elektra for the second season.  They already laid the ground work with the college time comment of “that Greek girl.”  Many consider Elektra the love of Daredevil’s life (we prefer to think of Karen as that), but regardless she is a defining, tragic presence in his life.  Bringing her into the series also ensures a greater presence from the Hand, and who doesn’t want to watch the two face down against a ton of ninjas?  We could always hope for a great nod to the original film and they bring back Jennifer Gardner for the role.  Don’t worry, we’re just joking with that last part.


2.  Bullseye

Wilson Fisk has been one of the most defining villains of Daredevil’s history, but arguably Bullseye is even more important.  He wasn’t created until the 70’s, but he made he has left tragedy and destruction in his wake ever since.  He killed Elektra (even if she got better.)  He killed Karen Page (who didn’t get better.)   He eventually led Daredevil to cross the line and kill him (even if he got better, sort of.)  The lives of the two are entwined and if Wilson Fisk is looking for revenge on Daredevil for putting him in jail, who better to call than the assassin that can’t miss.


1.  Kingpin Learning Matt’s True Identity

It’s possible this could be something left for a future season, but Wilson Fisk should find out that Matt Murdock is Daredevil.  Why not throw it in towards the middle or end of the second season?  In the comics this leads him to quickly destroy Matt’s life and force him to rise from the ashes.  This creates a very interesting, personal dynamic between the two which has continued to this day.  Even worse, in the comics Karen is responsible for selling Matt’s identity which could once again send Nelson and Murdock spiraling out if somehow the show made it her fault as well.


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