Indie Spotlight: Captain Berlin


In 1933 the Nazis first took power in Germany, and the resistance quickly took to action.  To finish Hitler and his dictatorship off once and for all, resistance scientists worked on creating new super human assassins.  To this pursuit, there was only one success, Captain Berlin!

Captain Berlin was originally created by Jörg Buttgereit for a short 10 minute play that he created in 1982.  In 2007 he decided to give his super hero creation one more go, and created a feature length play for the character that was filmed and shown in limited theaters in 2009.  Occasionally you can find copies of the film on Amazon, and if you do, it is a German language film and PAL only, but does have English subtitles.


The comic itself has two parts to it.  The first, Operation Untergang, was actually originally included as a insert in the DVD and was from the team of Levin Kurio and Rainer F. Engel.  It covers the origin of Captain Berlin from creation, to his unsuccessful attempt on capturing Hitler.  Created specifically for this comic release, Captain Berlin gegen Fukuda is the second story inside from the original creator himself, Jörg Buttgereit, and artist Martin Trafford.  It focuses on mutated fish from Fukushima’s waters, being transported to Berlin for sushi where one turns into a giant monster, Fukuda, that Captain Berlin must battle.

If you know absolutely no German, reading the issue is going to be a only a slight problem.  Being a comic, it is not super hard to follow along with what is happening as the panels themselves are very descriptive.  The best thing about the issue is that it does have beautiful art from Engel and Trafford.  The style is done in a very retro horror style that I absolutely loved.  Just flipping through the pages to see that excellent pencil work and vivid colors was worth the price to me alone.

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If you are interested in picking up a copy of this issue and are in the USA, it will be slightly tougher coming by, but the best place to go would be for it no matter where you live.

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  1. What an awesome set up! I may try this one myDefl.(Ms) I figured out a way to make a much bigger one that hopefully I can get set up for Halloween 2011; it’s too ambitious to attend to this year. Anyway – if you do, post pictures!

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