Comic News: Titan Reveals New Art and Creator Interview For Death Sentence: London

The sex and superpower fueled hit comic series returns with a new ongoing in Death Sentence:  London #1 this summer from Titan Comics.  Today they released a brand new interview with series creator Montynero along with an additional look at interiors from the first issue.  Check out the interview and art below.

Death Sentence:  London #1 will hit stands on June 10th.

The high-concept of the first volume of Death Sentence – a sexually-transmitted virus grants people superpowers, but only six months to live – captured a lot of attention. As your first comic, what was it like to get that kind of response?

CRAZY! I’d spent my whole life thinking, if only they did a comic like this I’m sure people would dig it. And they did. It was thrilling. It’s not so much the idea, I think – ideas are ten-a-penny – more the execution that people responded to. If you love or once loved super powers, but are kind of jaded by the whole approach taken elsewhere, then Death Sentence is the comic to revitalize your interest.

What makes this volume of Death Sentence different from the first? Scale? Scope? New characters? All of the above?

All three. We’ve really gone for it. The first series was just six issues. Now we know there’s an audience we’ve planned long term – I’ve written twelve new scripts, we’ve got art already finished on five of them. It’s beautiful stuff.

The first comic focused on just three protagonists. Now we start to see the terrifying ramifications for the world. You’ve got the threat of the global pandemic itself, and the threat of ordinary people with supernormal abilities. These aren’t heroes, or villains, they’re ordinary people, artists, musicians, trying to make sense of it all and live their lives to the full in the time they’ve got left. There’s five freaky new characters – plus Verity and Weasel, of course. It’s an explosive situation.

The story continues straight on from the graphic novel – will new readers still be able to jump on board fresh?

Absolutely. The new character, Jeb Mulgrew, is an FBI agent who’s been deep undercover for a year. There’s an amazing intro to him – then he comes back home and has to get up to speed on the G-plus virus for a new mission. So if you’re a new reader he’s your eyes into this world. But he’s so much more multi-layered than that. There’s a lot of mystery and fear in the air, and Jeb is the key to unlocking the truth about G-plus.

Martin Simmonds joins you as interior artist for this brand-new story – how did you start working with Martin, and what does he bring to the Death Sentence universe? 

I knew Martin from comic cons. I’ve watched him develop as a promising sequential artist for years. To be able to paint that well, that fast, is mind blowing. As an artist myself I really don’t know how he does it. One of our characters manipulates light to make art, which is an incredible opportunity to cut loose with the visuals. I’d compare him to early Ashley Wood, or Bill Sienkiewicz. One of the things I love in comics is watching a talented artist unleash a career-making run, and that’s what Martin Simmonds has done here. I mean, I’ve got his art from issue five in my hands – it’s breathtaking!

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