The Flash: Tricksters Review

  • Episode:  Tricksters  (S01E017)
  • Review:  ★★★★☆

There is really no way to point out how much I enjoyed The Flash last week. If the internet has not pointed it out enough yet, Mark Hamill is the guest star this episode. He actually returns to the character he played some 20 years ago, or 1991 to be more exact. He makes his return as James Jesse, the Trickster. Our plot this week is that a new Trickster has rolled into town and making the Flash run circles. Barry and Joe have to do some investigative work and decide to interview the older Trickster.  Mr Hamill chews up the screen like you wouldn’t believe. He comes off like Hannibal Lecter crossed with Hamill’s version of the Joker.


With all the Trickster stuff happening, the main plot of Flash’s story progresses. Some of the truths about Harrison Wells come to light via some interesting flashbacks. So the whole question of is he or isn’t he Eobard is answered. It seems the timeline has been disrupted long before Barry received his powers.


Finally the episode ends with a very “comic book” end and the villains gets their due. Hamill gets to quote a line that many will know and we still love. It’s a nice “in” joke. Barry also gets to show his father his that he is in fact the Flash. It’s a great father/son moment, which happens to one of the running themes in the show.

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