Lexington Comic and Toy Convention 2015: Cosplay Winners

Once again, for a second year, it has come to officially wrap up our time with Lexington Comic and Toy Convention.  We already cannot wait for next year to roll around to see what great cosplayers we will see in Lexington in 2016.  Most importantly until then, it is now time to announce the winners of the Battle of the Cosplayers 2015 Poll!  As always it was a tough contest of fantastic cosplayers, but the decision has been made by you the viewers.  Those who took the top spots procured them early and never looked back.  Check out the winners below!

3rd with 11% of the votes, Freddy Fazbears!


Cosplay based on one of the scariest mobile games of all-time?  We had never seen, or even imagined, Five Night’s At Freddy ‘s cosplay before so we give them major props for uniqueness!  Viewers felt the same and kept them above in third place for a majority of the poll.

2nd with 22% of the votes, Elsa, Maleficent, and Rapunzel!


Three of the biggest names in Disney’s catalogue?  Of course a trio of great characters and cosplayers had little to fear in making it to the second spot of the poll.  We’re just surprised that two princesses were hanging out with such a notable villain as Maleficent, but we’ve always believed she’s not evil, just misunderstood.

1st with 28% of the votes, Steve!


Minecraft!  Everywhere you go!  Lego’s for the next generation, Minecraft has hit and addicted gamers young and old like we have never seen before.  Best of all Steve has a pixellated beard, who doesn’t love that!  With that said, it is a very little surprise that the main protagonist of the title took the very top spot at the beginning and never looked back!

We want to congratulate our cosplay winners and thank all of our viewers that voted in the poll!  Every battle of the cosplayers poll, we are amazed about the response! We had a great time in Lexington Comic and Toy Convention 2015 and look forward to coming back for a third year in a row to hopefully see these great cosplayers once again.  If you enjoyed checking out our cosplay coverage, remember to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for further updates.  Right now you can check out our coverage of Gem City Comic Con Cosplay and then in just three short weeks we will be making our return to Chicago for C2E2!

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