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Top 5 Costumes:  Firestorm

In one of our more recent Comic Closets, we covered the Atom’s costumes, who had received a boost in fame from appearing on the CW’s Arrow.  Firestorm has had a similar trajectory this year, appearing on The Flash in a fairly large role throughout the season.  Now the two are even set to star in their own spinoff series with other heroes and villains.  It certainly is a great time to be fans of either character.  Yet his television costume, minimalistic as it is, has received much flack from the fan base, as we expected a little something more than what they went with.  With all that in mind, we decided to take a look back at Firestorm’s history with just a small glimpse of some of the costumes he has worn over the years.  Of course, by almost the very nature of the character, many have been Firestorm, so we looked at everyone and every costume to pick our top five favorite costumes.  Check out our picks and make sure to let us know your favorites in the comments below!


5. Elemental:  When Firestorm was revealed to be a fire elemental, the composite of Ronnie and Mikhail received a whole new consciousness and of course a whole new look.  This costume actually split the staff quite a bit;  some liked it, some hated it. In the end it made the fifth spot.  Certainly the costume makes him look much more godlike than just a superhero.  The suit itself is fairly plain, only the white on his arms and boots to match his face. After that it depends on how you feel about is the fire for hair and chest hair.  We could definitely do without the fiery chest hair.  The real question becomes which hero is going to step up and wax that for him…


4. Black Lantern:  The Blackest Night costumes made everyone who was a Black Lantern look like a complete, terrifying badass;  Firestorm proved no exception.  The white fire billowing out made his freakish face even more chilling.  His costume is a nice reversion on his original, especially with the logo swapped to the opposite side. The only thing we could have done without is the white triangle forming when he puts his legs together.  It gives us flashes of Buffalo Bill, which is a whole new level of terrifying.


3.  Original:  For Firestorm’s debut, they actually got quite a bit right from the start.  His costume is very unique and well thought out. Starting from the top, his open headgear allows for the trademark streak of fire to burn behind him, showing off his power nicely.  His logo is one of his best suit features and here its bigger and bolder than any other design.  As sometimes happens with the original though, it just gets beat by revisions that made it better.


2.  Jason New 52:  For the New 52 both Ronnie and Jason remained separate Firestorms and both got some pretty great new costumes.  One problem we have is that there is just a little too much yellow.  The bright color needed the red to break it up more.  It does at least use red for some of the trim which makes it stand put better.  We also like the logo sign and design which really makes the suit pop.  Of the two, however, Ronnie’s latest costume wins.


1.  Ronnie New 52:  The first thing right this costume does, specifically when compared to Jason’s New 52 suit is that it sports the full red with yellow for trim for a much more aesthetically pleasing contrast.  Like his elemental costume, it also helps reflect the sheer amount of power he has.  The thing we like about it most of all is his logo on the red.  The contrast of it really shines, making sure the logo is getting the focus it deserves.  In our minds we had no doubt, Firestorm has never looked better than here.

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