The Flash: Rogue Time Review

  • Episode:  Rogue Time  (S01E016)
  • Review:  ★★★★★

Beware, spoilers below!


When we last left our hero he had just ran past himself in a time loop. Now what the heck does that mean? He ran back in time and found himself, more or less. It’s been said that the Flash is faster than time, well they proved that last episode.

Now Barry has an entire day’s worth of knowledge to use to his advantage. He stops Mark Mardon, he yet again professes his love to Iris, and Cisco is not dead since the string of events leading to that are changed. Of those three things none of them are the focus of this weeks story line, however.


Captain Cold has returned to Central City.  Now of course Heat Wave returns as well and as an added bonus, Leonard brought his sister Lisa Snart, aka Golden Glider, to play in Central City. They are up to no good and try to start a gang war. The only problem is they no longer have their weapons to use. The problem is solved as they kidnap Cisco and his brother to convince him to recreate the weapons of climate control. Their methods are cruel, but normal for evil villains.  The price is interesting and has a resolve that should take some time to work through fully.

It’s interesting that the Flash and Captain Cold seem to create a growing respect for each other. Flash ends up naming his group the Rogue Gallery in the end.  I’m still amazed on how well they wrote the Captain. Wentworth Miller continues to prove what a smart and solid roll he portrays with his take on the character.


Going back to this time travel stuff, Barry has no choice to tell Wells what happened. Of course Wells knows pretty much what is going to happen to Barry, but he tells him not to say anything about the past/future events. Harrison points out that anything that Barry changes ends up having repercussions. We get to see some of those “repercussions” throughout the story line, even though in the end most things get resolved.

The season is rushing to an end so I can’t wait to see how they wrap up its freshman season. They did tease us with Mark Hamill playing the Trickster for next week which should be a great treat, but at this point every episode has been.

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