TV News: Image Comics Series Lazarus Coming To Television

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Image Comic series Lazarus, is coming to television via Legendary TV and The Amazing Spider-Man producer Matt Tolmach.  Lazarus was created by Greg Rucka and Michael Lark.  The full description for the series states:  “In a dystopian near-future, government is a quaint concept, resources are coveted, and possession is 100% of the law. A handful of Families rule, jealously guarding what they have and exploiting the Waste who struggle to survive in their domains. Forever Carlyle defends her family’s holdings through deception and force as their protector, their Lazarus. Shot dead defending the family home, Forever’s day goes downhill from there…”

Greg Rucka will pen the script for the pilot episode of the series in addition to executive producing with Michael Lark and Matt Tolmach.

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