The Top Ten Best Superhero Headquarters

Our Top Ten list finally makes its grand return this week!  Everyone likes to have a place to call home, whether it be a building, cave, tower, mansion, or something else.  In coming back we decided to look at where our superheroes hang their hat, spandex, ect., after a long day of fighting crime.  There were many options to choose from and in the end we chose the places we would want to go if we could buddy up with a hero.  Check out below what we choose, and of course feel free to let us know your choices in the comments below!


10. Dr Strange’s Sanctum Sanctorum (First Appearance Strange Tales #110, 1963)

The first home on our list is Doctor Strange’s mystical home in Greenwich Village, New York City. The address 177 A Bleecker Street. The address is said to be a center point for supernatural energies in the Marvel Universe. The three-story brownstone usually appears with the large circular window on the front roof. The remaining details tend to change depending on the artist illustrating the building. The building has a permanent protection spell which makes it look like and abandoned building that will be constructed into a Starbucks. The Sanctum also houses Clea, Wong, and the now disbanded Defenders. Sanctum Sanctorum should become more visible in the public eye when the Doctor Strange movie is released.


9. Titans Tower (First Appearance  DC Comics Presents #26 1980)

There have been three different incarnations of Titan’s Tower since 1980. Normally the reason they build a new one is because the previous one was destroyed by some super villain or Raven’s father. The Tower was in New York on an island in the East River. It also was in San Francisco at some point. The problem I have with the Tower is that the villains always know where the Titan’s are located. It’s sleek but you would have to be blind to not hit the thing. The Titan’s grew a brain and made the top portion a hologram and the bottom the actual base in 1999 to 2002. It’s still iconic to the DC Universe and easily recognizable to the reader.


8. Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters (First Appearance The X-Men #1 1963)

This is where the weirdo’s hangout; the unwanted, the gifted, the mutants. Xavier’s is obviously the home to the X-Men. It was inherited by Charles Xavier through ten generations of the Xavier family. It’s located 1407 Greymalkin Lane, Salem Center in WestChester,  New York. Like other superhero homes this one has been destroyed several times over the years. Most recently it was re-opened by Wolverine and renamed The Jean Grey School of Higher Learning. It still sees some action from villains that cause plenty of destruction.  If teenagers could find the thing, why not your average genius bad guy.


7. Justice League Watchtower (First Appearance Justice League of America vol.2 #7 2007)

Now this home base  is a piece of work.  The Watchtower is a space based satellite orbiting the earth.  It wasn’t actually the first Watchtower that the JLA created. It originally started as a base on the moon, but I think it would be difficult to monitor the planet with the whole rotation thing. The satellite provides better observation of the planet. The JLA also had teleportation tubes across the globe for faster travel. The Watchtower hasn’t seen much enemy invasion since villainous deeds mainly occur planet side.


6. Shield Helicarrier (First Appearance Strange Tales #135 1965)

The Shield Helicarrier has served has the mobile base of operations for Shields for nearly 50 years. What a great way to protect the little people by have a giant base floating above our heads. The Helicarrier has seen many redesigns over time but has kept the same feel and design. The most recent upgrade was seen in the Avengers movie and made its way to other forms of Marvel media. Since it’s always moving, it’s difficult for exterior villains or spies from taking over. Granted that didn’t stop Hydra, but its hard to keep out villains 24 hours a day. Otherwise it’s a quality base of operations.


5. Avenger’s Mansion (First Appearance Avengers #2 vol. 1 1963)

The Earth’s Mightiest Heroes have always had this sweet pad. Anthony Stark have housed the Avengers very well. 890 Fifth Ave New York City is where the mansion is located. The downside here is the bad guys always know where to go when they want to pick a fight. The mansion has always had a state of the art security system. It has had the Fantastic Four as guests when the Baxter Building was destroyed in the 60’s. Throughout the years of roster changes, all Avengers were allowed to stay there until government sanctions stated only 7 members on the team. The mansion itself has been damaged plenty of time and has had several redesigns.

baxter buildingfourfreedoms

4. The Baxter Building and Four Freedoms Plaza (First Appearance Fantastic Four vol 1 #3 1962)

The Fantastic Four’s address is on 42nd st and Madison Ave in New York City. It has housed the famous Four for over 50 years. Like many bases of operations that heroes have, the building has been destroyed several times over the years. The building’s landlord tried to evict the FF but found it difficult when Reed Richards simply purchased the building. Can you imagine that this thing actually housed residents at one point in time? In the 60’s the rent was pretty cheap but after time I bet the renter’s insurance was insane. In the 80’s it was remade into the Four Freedom’s Plaza which made it a much larger building since the original was only 3 stories. It remains to be seen if we get to see the iconic structure in the new Fantastic Four movie, but from the looks of it, we doubt it.


3. Stark Tower (First Appearance The Avengers film 2012)

Yet another iconic item born from the Avengers movie. Stark Tower is Iron Man’s home in New York. He built it to live off the grid of the rest of the world. He uses the Arc Reactor to power his home. Over the last several years the Avengers themselves have made this their home. The Stark logo was destroyed when the Chitauri attacked New York. The “A” remained to symbolize the Avengers becoming a team. It’s located in Manhattan.  We definitely will be seeing this once again in Avengers:  Age of Ultron.


2. The Fortress of Solitude (First Appearance Action Comics #241 1958)

The Earth’s strongest hero needs his own place to call home or just to get away from it all. The original fortress had a giant yellow key that only Superman could lift and use to open the door way. It’s located somewhere in the arctic north. Needless to say, Superman’s pad is probably one that’s been invaded the least over the years. In the 70’s his home was re-imagined as a crystal like structure making it one of the most recognizable images in pop culture. Superman houses Kryptonian artifacts and has a giant zoo of animals from all over the galaxy. The image of Jor-EL and Lara holding Krypton over their heads is one the more common symbols of the fortress.

1. The Batcave (First Appearance Batman #12 1942)

Honestly I had to fight myself from putting this thing at number 10 and not number 1. Everyone knows the Batcave, Batman’s home under his home. It’s simply a garage with a computer. It’s easily the most iconic cave ever.  You would think with all the GPS stuff in existence, more bad guys would be able to find the place beyond the Joker. The cave has gone through many designs. The giant penny or giant Joker playing card are always the consistent to the lair. It’s always said it would be an honor to draw the Batman comic since you would get to do your own version of the cave.

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