Game News: God Of War III Coming To The PlayStation 4 Via “Remastered Edition”

This one almost slid by us, but thanks to Yahoo News, it looks like God Of War III is getting the remastered treatment and is being re-released on the PlayStation 4. Not much is known, but it looks like the visuals have been bumped to 1080p. You can check out a mini gallery below of the new visuals. If this one turns out to be true, you can expect God Of War III Remastered on July 14th, 2015.

df796b10-cf2a-11e4-bf8b-2705d1b10b86_God_of_War_III_Remastered_20150311213311_lo dfd48360-cf2a-11e4-aaba-4105df53b312_God_of_War_III_Remastered_20150311223748_lo e1b06f50-cf2a-11e4-bf8b-2705d1b10b86_GOW3R_1080_STILLS_026_logo_1426709440 e2b2c420-cf2a-11e4-acf0-115e587acfec_10_1426708689-30-15-80-20150311-0052_logo e09c4030-cf2a-11e4-bf8b-2705d1b10b86_God_of_War_III_Remastered_20150311225048_lo e057e430-cf2a-11e4-b38f-15d2a90282c4_God_of_War_III_Remastered_20150311214759_lo e276cc90-cf2a-11e4-987a-3ff0806c7613_GOW3R_1080_STILLS_002_logo_1426709430 e2812cd0-cf2a-11e4-b38f-15d2a90282c4_GOW3R_1080_STILLS_019_logo_1426709437

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