The Flash: Out of Time Review

  • Episode:  Out of Time  (S01E015)
  • Review:  ★★★★★

Since the beginning of the series Barry has been trying to figure out who killed his mother. We’ve known it was the Reverse Flash, but there where still plenty of questions, such as who he was for sure and what is he planning. We had our suspicions, but we finally know after this explosive episode with several big reveals.


The title of episode eludes to there being something to do with time. Yes and no.  The primary story for the episode is a revenge plot. The other Martin brother from the first episode survived the plane crash. He is dead set on killing his brother’s killer. This just happens to be Joe Allen of course. Mark (Weather Wizard) Mardon also gained weather powers like his brother. His powers are more focused and controlled. During the “chase” portion of the story where Barry is tracking down Mardon, he is running through the streets and catches a glimpse of himself running. Wells explains this as an after image of the weather reflecting off the building or some non-sense, which isn’t the case at all.


During the course of the story, Joe is captured and Mardon creates a large tidal wave that will destroy Central City. Barry sees this as an opportunity to not only tell Iris the truth about the Flash, but profess his continuing love for her after she tells him she loves him. If you’re up with your comic history you know Barry and Iris end up together, so it was nice to see that ball get rolling.

Barry now has to stop the tidal wave by creating a wall of air to dissipate the wave. He has to run back and forth and back and forth. It appears that this is working very well until he ends up running right next to himself like before. He stops and has been transported back in time. Which means nothing that just happen did happen. This means everything that had happened has the chance to be fixed?



Probably the biggest event of the episode is Cisco finally finding out that Harrison Wells is the Reverse Flash, even though we still don’t know why he’s tormenting our hero. Wells explains to Cisco that he believes Barry can break the time stream. Harrison, actually Eobard Thawne, is from a different time and is trying to return home. Granted he tells this to Cisco right before he kills him. Yes Cisco is dead, or is he with Barry going back in time to the night before.

Time travel is tricky. It works out really well presented correctly. Granted it will always create the “What IF?” effect, The Flashpoint/New 52 is a good example of what happens. The way the story is heading, it would seem Reverse Flash might be the major villain for this season. We still have Grodd to deal with as well. The ending is a great cliffhanger that should hopefully have a satisfactory resolution.


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