Comic News: American Barbarian Dropping With All-New Hardcover Edition

The critically acclaimed America Barbarian, from creator Tom Sciolo, is making a return.  This July IDW is releasing an all-new hardcover edition collecting the series will contain some exclusives such as behind-the-scenes bonus material and an all-new introduction by comics legend Rob Liefeld.

American Barbarian tells the complete tale of Meric, the last American on a revenge quest across the POST-post-apocalyptic landscape of New Earthea. The half-tank/half-mummy Two-Tank Omen murdered Meric’s family and payback is due. The young barbarian will fight every zombie, mutant motorcycle gang, and robosaur (robotic dinosaur) if that’s what it takes to keep the American Dream alive.

“It’s a distillation of everything I love about the comic book medium and its history, especially the tawdry bits,” said Scioli. “I love trash and when you love trash, no matter where you go, you’ll always find friends. It’s an international language.”

Make sure to hit up your local comic shop about reserving yourself a copy for July while you can!

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