Gotham: Everyone Needs A Cobblepot Review

  • Episode: Everyone Needs A Cobblepot  (S01E017)
  • Review:  ★★★★☆

This week takes the focus on the rise of Jim Gordon. Gordon had spent time trying to get detective Flass arrested for murder. It was very strong sequence when Gordon has to get the backing of the GCPD. The point being at the beginning of this episode, Jim finds out that Flass is getting out of jail. It seems all the trouble is coming from Commissioner Loeb. Gordon becomes frustrated by these turn of events and decides to dig up the dirt on Loeb. This is where some of Gordon’s decisions come into question and we get to see what it cost for Gordon to make his own personal rise to the top. By evidence of the title, Jim seeks help from The Penquin. Eventually a price will have to be paid for the villain’s help. So without giving too much away, things happen and Gordon gets a little valediction for the work. He also saves a little of Bullock’s butt on the way.


Meanwhile in other parts of Gotham, Alfred is healing from his injuries. If you recall he was stabbed by his “friend” in the last episode. Gordon also tries to help Alfred and Bruce solve this attack. He doesn’t get much help from Alfred who is hiding the truth. The particular plot line is setting up Wayne Industries attempt to get rid of Bruce.  I would imagine this will be one the defining reasons for Bruce leaving Gotham for school.


We also find out what happens to Fish and current problems with being a captive. They introduce Dr. Dulmacher played by Colm Feore. This is the assumed major bad guy of this particular story line. He tries to play nice with Fish. He also points out why she shouldn’t try to escape her captivity. I like Colm, he always plays a good baddie.


The episode is mostly a building block for Gordon. I was disappointed that Leslie Thompkins wasn’t in this episode as she has been a much better character than Barbara so far. They are also working on Edward Nygma’s plot. He is creepy and his turn to evil will be great. Sadly Gotham will be on break until April 13th. So enjoy the older shows and it will be back before we know it.

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