Gotham: Red Hood Review

  • Episode: Red Hood  (S01E016)
  • Review:  ★★★★☆

This weeks Gotham starts out with a bang as the “Red Hood Gang” makes its first appearance.  A local bank is robbed by a gang with one member that has a red hood to cover his face. The whole sequence was really interesting. The lighting was really bright and it almost seemed like it was done in the imaginary world of Gotham. The significance of the Hood is the obvious thought that we are seeing an appearance of a possible “Joker”. We are still not sure if this is the case since we saw a possible candidate to be the Joker in last weeks episode. Gotham is obviously not done throwing is red herrings quite yet,  The cool thing about the whole concept they have going is kind of stolen from Tim Burton’s Batman.


We get to see Gordon at his best. He is a true detective and he uses these skills quite a bit here. Tracking down a bunch thugs is kind of below Jim’s skills, though. The episode is used mostly to push the concept of the Red Hood and what it can stand for the criminal element in Gotham.


The other plots going on during the episode is Barbara’s return. She builds a strong relationship with Selena and Ivy. Fish Mooney’s plot also progresses with a certain “eye opening” results. It’s actually pretty gruesome what happens during that chain of events. Oswald and Butch also have their relationship strengthen through mutual problems of running Fish’s old bar.


Where would we be with an update with Bruce and Alfred. Alfred has an old army buddy return. His true intentions are brought to light at the end of the episode. It will serve to motivate Bruce on his path to becoming Batman.


There are four shows left of the season and Fox has announced the show’s return next year. It’ll be interesting to see if the characters will progress during the break or will the character’s timeline jump ahead.

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