What You Missed In The News Today 04/05/14

What You Missed In The News Today


1.  Captain America:  The Winter Soldier has now been out for a full day (technically 2 counting today) and it’s haul just keeps growing.  The full tally for the opening day hit $37 million.  The $100 million mark is looking very likely for a nice win for Cap.

2.  The Ant-Man cast has grown by one as Matt Gerald has been brought on board in an unspecified role.  Marvel fanatics may remember him in the short, All Hail the King playing the character referred to as in credits as White Power Dave.  It is as of yet unknown whether he will be playing the same character or someone else entirely.



1.  Yesterday we got a look at Lego’s line of Guardians of the Galaxy toys and now Funko is showing off their new line of Pop! figures.  Which one is a must have for you, or do you need them all?

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