Comic News: Three Gods Search For A Good Buzz In Valhalla Mad

All gods just want to have fun, right?  Image Comics announced a brand new series today from Joe Casey and Paul Maybury, Valhalla Mad which will focus on Glorious Knox, Greghorn the Battlebjörn, and Jhago the Irritator.  They’re just three warrior gods vacationing on Earth looking for some good brews and a good time.

“Never in the history of periodical publishing has a tale of such god-sized inebriation and social debauchery been committed to four-color print!” said Casey. “You can smell the mead coming right off the pages! Not to mention, it might be Paul Maybury’s greatest artistic achievement yet! Just get ready for a heady dose of ‘thee’s’ and ‘thou’s’ as three gods get seriously drunk…”

Vahalla Mad will release with two covers, one from Paul Maybury and one from Nick Pitarra, on May 20th.


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