Gotham: The Blind Fortune Teller Review

  • Episode: The Blind Fortune  (S01E015)
  • Review:  ★★★★☆

Sadly our normal staff writer for Gotham is on break for the moment, so I’ll be filling in for the time being.  I must admit that I had a hard time getting into Gotham and hadn’t been keeping out, but for my new role I sped through the season so far and I am hooked.  With that said, on to the episode!


Finally we get a taste of the Clown Prince of Crime on Gotham. Even better, we get the circus that housed one of our favorite non Wayne families, the Graysons. Thankfully, there was no sign of Dick Grayson because that would be a serious plot hole in the Batman mythos;  we have to suspend plausibility having a majority of the rogue gallery introduced, we don’t need the Boy Wonder thrown out of time too. The timeline of the Grayson family is a Romeo/Juliet type family feud.  It’s Dick’s parents in the making if you will.


What drives our story this week is that Gordon has taken Leslie Thompson to the circus on a date. They end up witnessing a fight between the two warring families. A murder also ends of being discovered. It’s actually pretty cool how Jim finds the dead body. With all this happening, Jim drags the whole circus into the office for questioning which of course drives Bullock crazy. At this point, Jim gets to question Jerome (possibly Joker, possibly not).


With the circus under investigation, there’s a subplot with Fish Mooney. She has been captured by people who have imprisoned her and others for their organs. I can’t really see the need for the Fish Mooney’s character to remain at this point, except Jada Pinkett Smith is awesome in the roll. Hopefully we will see her return to Gotham as a much more powerful, character hopefully just not like the arc the Penguin took.


The murder investigation is more of a means to drive the Grayson story. It also creates tons of back story for the (possible) Joker that will lead into next episode. It’s all very cool, because the Joker is a huge mystery to us all, of who we may find more out about when the Red Hood Gang shows up on the February 27th episode.  Overall this was a really excellent and insightful episode that put a nice spin on some more familiar characters.

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