Comic Closet: Quicksilver

Top 5 Costumes: Quicksilver

Last week we took a look into the closet of one of the most powerful mutants (Inhumans if you prefer the Marvel cinematic universe)  on the planet, the Scarlet Witch.  It’s hard to think of her without immediately being drawn to her very overprotective, speedster brother, Quicksilver. Pietro may not have a power level to rival his sister, but he can certainly stand his own in a fight. However, he is a dick.  You either love him because he’s a dick or hate him because he’s a dick.  Luckily we’re not here to judge his personality and instead to take a peek inside his own storied wardrobe.  He has been a villain, an Avenger, an X-Man, and more, all leading for the need for a variety of quick costumes to change into depending on what side he’s on at the time.  We took a look at his best and his worst and are ready to show you what we found below with out top five picks and dishonorable mention at the end.  As always let us know your personal choices in the comments below!


5. Original:  Back in the day when both he and his sister ran around with the Brotherhood of Mutants, Quicksilver wore this. He later swapped it out for a similar blue design, but between that and this, we prefer this. Even so, this design has some problems. Simply having a lightning bolt going across his torso only goes so far without having much to break it up.  His shade lighter mittens and booties don’t really scream much out to us, either, except Magneto probably picked them out for him.


4. Post Onslaught:  Many heroes received new costumes post Onslaught including Pietro.  The suit has a similar concept to his original, instead featuring a thicker lightning bolt going down his torso.  Unlike before, the bolt actually works his body better being thicker as it melts in.  We also like the contrast of white and black more than before.  His gloves and boots didn’t need to be color mismatched like they are.  Was it on purpose or did Pietro simply get dressed to quick one day?  We prefer thinking its the latter.


3.  Ultimate:  What we like about Pietro’s Ultimate costume is that it is so simple, but so right.  More or less, it looks like a armored tracksuit which works well for him.  It also shows you he doesn’t have to be so on the nose having a lightning bolt to look good.  A red speedster in another universe does the bolt thing the best anyways.


2.  All-New Avengers:  In rejoining the Avengers, Pietro actually got a great redesigned costume in the process.  It is completely unlike anything that came before it which we really appreciate.  As with many of the new costumes in the All-New line, this takes a more realistic approach while keeping a comic book feel. The lightning bolts are again completely gone, replaced by new blue highlights. What are they for? We don’t know but we still like them.  He could lose the googles and we’d be much happier, but overall it all comes together well.


1.  Age of Apocalypse:  There was actually quite a bit of debate whether this would top his latest costume, but in the end it won out.  It does what his early costumes did, but so much better.  The lightning bolts are simple, but extremely effective as they ride up his side and arms. Otherwise the white gloves and boots add to the bolts for a simple effect of playing off his otherwise black costume. It’s simple but smart, and we wish this could have been his uniform in the 616 universe.

Dishonorable Mention


All-New X-Factor:  It’s a good thing that Pietro received a new costume by rejoining the Avengers because otherwise this costume was pretty terrible.  Sadly it wasn’t just his problem as the whole team was stuck wearing these hideous monstrosities.  Perhaps Pietro is a dick and deserves this, but the rest of his team didn’t.  The colors choices just scream projectile vomit, especially the shade of yellow.  If Pietro projectile vomits, there’s no dodging that and it could be fast enough to kill.  This entire line of suits were hopefully rounded up and promptly destroyed, never to be seen again.

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