Agent Carter: Snafu Review

  • Episode:  Snafu  (S01E07)
  • Review:  ★★★★☆

We are down to the last two episodes of Agent Carter. Previously, Peggy was finally captured by the SSR and put in a room for questioning. You would think she would spill her guts and let the SSR know what we all know. It’s strange, but that’s not what happens. She doesn’t tell them anything, until Jarvis ruins everything by trying to help. He tells the SSR that Stark has signed a confession. The thing about all that is that Stark did not come up with this plot to rescue Peggy. Jarvis was trying to buy time for Peggy by providing a fake confession. Granted, it helps because Peggy uncovers the possible Leviathan plot. Even after Peggy tries to convince the SSR of what she’s doing by giving up Captain America’s blood, Chief Dooley still doesn’t fully believe her. Of course there are other influences in play here.


The remaining minutes of episode are suspenseful. Peggy gets to point out that she has been doing her own investigation the whole time. She’s been doing everything under their noses because no one pays attention to her unless she’s getting their reports, coffee or lunch. The ending of Snafu is grim and slightly tearful. It’s leading into a huge season finale that is fitting of a Marvel Universe story line.


The reason why this review is a bit late is because I didn’t want Peggy to go. The truth is we don’t really know Peggy that well. We know that she hung out with Captain America in the war, but we really don’t know Ms Carter. I want to know her. I want to know what happens next. I like the character and I know that she helped developed S.H.I.E.L.D. at some point. She also has a family that follows in her foot steps. So until Tuesday, Peggy will still live in our hopes that another season might happen.



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