Constantine: Waiting For the Man Review

  • Episode:. Waiting For the Man  (S01E013)
  • Review:  ★★★★

From time to time Constantine shows off its full potential of just how creepy it can be. This last episode gave us a wonderful reminder. It begins with three girls, in vaguely white dresses, trying to talk another girl (who has run away from home) into coming with them to be with “the man”.

The cool thing about this episode is that there are three plot lines occurring at the same time. The thing that brings our magical hero into action is Jim Corrigan (The Spectre) making his return. If you recall Jim is a cop in New Orleans. It seems people are showing up dead with a satanic brand on their skin.

Jim, Zed and John on the trail…

While John, Zed and Jim are investigating the murders, Papa Midnight makes an appearance. Papa is trying to cash in on the bounty on Constantine’s head. Papa decides to enact his will upon one of his minions that has committed a previous evil. He creates himself a voodoo zombie (John’s words). It’s super cool how it all played out. Papa even gets involved himself.

Constantine - Season 1
Matt Ryan goes a little old school

This is all well and good alone, but the subplots are what really make it come together.  One of the mist interesting plot lines that start playing out during the episode are Zed’s visions about Jim. If your up on your DC history, we know Jim becomes the Spectre through some fowl play.

We get to see Constantine’s magic powers pushed to some nice levels. It’s used more here than some of the other episodes. The show avoids being formulaic by jumping around a lot and putting our heroes in danger. It expands on Zed’s visions and mystery sub-plot at the end of the show.  Hopefully this will not be the last episode of Constantine to air, but if it is, it at least has gone out with a bang.

Zed’s vision

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