What You Missed In The News Today 04/04/14

What You Missed In The News Today


1.  Last week we got a sneak peak of Captain America’s new costume in Avengers:  Age of Ultron, but now with additional filming we have gotten our best look yet.  Along with that, while Scarlet Johansson is not on set filming, her stunt double was and you can get a good look at her costume.  What are your thoughts on the new threads?



2.  Dredd turned out to be a big surprise that was an awesome action flick and stuck to the source material fairly well.  That’s why we really hope a sequel gets off the ground and Karl Urban has a short message for all of those who want to see Dredd in another go around.

3.  Did you get a chance to see Captain America: The Winter Soldier last night?  We did and you can see how much we loved it from our reviews.  If you were out there like us, then you contributed to the $10.2 million haul the movie brought in so far.  It obtained the highest April opening day ever, and it on track to possibly hit above $100 million by the time the weekend is over.


1.  All those precious Legos!  Below get a look at the full line of the upcoming Lego’s Guardians of the Galaxy line.  Everyone’s collection can fit these in!

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1.  The Amazing Spider-Man 2 movie is throwing a lot of villains at Spidey to face down, but the game has even more.  Below you can see some of the classics that you’ll be able to face down.

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