The Top Ten Best Actors To Cast As Spider-Man

It finally happened.  Some of us thought this day would never happen, but Spider-Man will be swinging on the big screen with the Avengers very soon.  Marvel and Sony have made nice, but in the process Andrew Garfield will not be returning as Peter Parker.  The question now is who is going to play the wall-crawler in the rebooted version? After much thought and debate, we have a few suggestions…

andrew Garfield

10. Andrew Garfield

Now I know that they have been saying he is not going to play him, but why not?  Experience goes a long way. He knows the character. He looks the part. He doesn’t have the back problems that Tobey encountered. They don’t have to give us another freakin’ reboot this quick. Let’s face it Amazing Spider-man 2 wasn’t his fault. He did his job. Can you blame him for the script and directing?  If they do a Sinister Six movie it makes sense.


9. Zachary Gordon

Unless you have kids you might not know Zach.  Gordon is the kid from Diary of a Wimpy Kid 1, 2 and 3. It has been semi-confirmed that they might send Peter back to high school. We think Zach has some of the look of Peter Parker. He is young enough to pull off the high school Peter. He has already acted in a trilogy so he knows the drill there. Now whether he can carry a series like Spidey, it remains to be seen.


8. Asa Butterfield

There is a lot to be said for Asa. He’s young enough to pull the high school Peter off, but probably doesn’t have the build to work the suit which can be fixed. Now his acting chops are what make him a decent choice. He was directed by Martin Scorsese in Hugo. He did the sci-fi thing in Ender’s Game. He was in Wolfman which was directed by Joe Johnston from Captain America.


7. Joel Courtney

Joel has been acting for about 4 years now. He got his break staring in Super 8, so basically an A-list director found some value in what he could do for his film. This gives Joel the experience of working in a big sci-fi film filled with effects. He has rugged look that might pass for Peter Parker. It just depends on whether or not the producers are also looking for someone with more “charm” for the teenage ladies. It kind of cuts out a lot of the younger actors. Joel might be old enough by the time the film starts filming.


6. Freddie Highmore

They could go with another Brit to play Spidey. You did know Andrew was British right? Anyways, Freddie has serious acting cred to this list. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, August Rush, Finding Neverland, The Spiderwick Chronicles, and more recently the amazingly creepy The Bates Motel. He has the experience with effects films. He’s acted with Johnny Depp and Robin Williams. He stars in a hit TV show. He has the look if he bulks up a little more. Freddie will be a an actor to look forward to in the future.


5. Josh Hutcherson

Josh has been around for quite a while now. If you have been watching The Hunger Games series you know he can handle his own. Josh has a much darker look for Spider-Man. He’s a big name right now, so if Marvel wanted to bank on a name this would work. Granted Josh has experience to back up his acting. The question is would he want to drop into another multi-film series. The paycheck would be mad cash, though, which can be hard to pass up.


4. Alex Pettyfer

Marvel could totally go for sex appeal and Alex does the job. He has a chiseled look that could be toned down to match an older Peter Parker. He was in two potential movie series with I Am Number Four and Alex Rider. He was in Magic Mike which has a sequel that’s arriving to theaters soon.  It would be a big name that could please plenty of fans.  Only downside is that he looks older than most on our list.


3. Brenton Twaites

Brenton has a decent resume to back up the concept of him making our little Spidey list. The Giver was the most recent with plenty of effects that he had to manage.  Twaites is also cast in the new Pirates of the Caribbean film. He stared in Malificent recently. I think he has a nice look that might pull out Peter Parker nicely.


2. An Unknown

Yes, I know this entry is a cop-out, but think about it.  Everyone on our list is picked based on what we’ve seen them in before. Perhaps who they should really choose is someone no one has heard of.  No one had heard of Brandon Routh before Superman Returns.  That may not be the best example as not everyone loved that film, but you get the idea.  Let’s face it, who ever they do pick will eventually spend some screen time with the Avengers and maybe Thanos himself. Heck, I would love to see a Spider-Man vs Hulk fight somewhere, which is all well and good until the Hulk hits him, am I right? So anyone they pick better hold their own, which is not necessarily someone has been given a big opportunity yet.


1. Logan Lerman

Why is Logan number one you ask? I vaguely remember Logan being on the list the last time they were rebooting the bug. Lerman has the sci-fi effects background from Percy Jackson. The first one being good and the second not so much, but that was not Logan’s fault. Hasn’t anyone learned from Star Wars that your sequel has to be better to continue. Logan has an excellent resume of acting; The Patriot, What Women Want, 3:10 to Yuma, Noah, Fury, and The Perks of Being a Wallflower. If you haven’t seen Perks, then make it a point to see it. Lerman is an excellent lead character who could start Spidey off right.

So there you have it!  Let us know who you want to see suit up as Spider-Man in the comments below!

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