Lego: DC Comics Super Heroes: Justice League vs. Bizarro League Review


  • Title:  Lego: DC Comics Super Heroes: Justice League vs. Bizarro League
  • Director: Brandon Vietti
  • Review:  ★★★

The latest adventure featuring the return of the Lego DC Comics Super Heroes has arrived with Justice League vs. Bizarro League.  With a mix of the Lego franchise, DC’s best super heroes, and Bizarro versions of our favorite characters, this combination should be near perfect for any fan.  Do all these building blocks actually come together for a great film?

Bizarro has found himself running amuck in Metropolis.  While he just wants to be heroic like Superman and save the city, his child like, backwards mind causes more destruction than anything else.  To save the city from more problems, Superman decides to take Bizarro to his very own planet where there is no life, hence nothing to destroy.  Bizarro is happy enough to be by himself on his own planet until a year passes and Darkseid enters the picture, threatening Bizarro’s new home.  Wanting to protect his planet, Bizarro returns to Earth looking to enlist the aid of brand new Bizarro versions of the Justice League.  Of course this entangles the real Justice League, causing them all to team up to stop Darkseid’s sinister plans.

There were two things about the story we found a little perplexing.  The title of Justice League vs. Bizarro League is a little misleading, as the two groups are never really at odds with each other.  Instead, they automatically team up to help Bizarro stop Darkseid.  It would have been interesting to see the two teams at odds with each other, even if the Bizarro League would not have been an equal match.  The story also tried to stretch itself to thin.  To cram in several members of the Justice League, such as Green Arrow, The Flash, Plastic Man, and Hawkman, a crime spree is stopped at the beginning of the movie featuring Gorilla Grodd mind controlling several villains to do his dirty work which was stealing bananas.  While Grodd’s plot did elicit some chuckles and it was nice to see some other heroes and villains, the film only clocks in at 49 minutes; featuring this opening sequence cuts into the main story much longer than it should have.

Character wise, we found trouble with Batman most of all.  We know Batman is distrustful of everyone, but his distrust of Superman took him to near Lex Luthor levels.  Why does Batman need to constantly carry around kryptonite or constantly question Superman’s motives?  It was played up to many times and for no real value.  Cyborg was another area they could have reworked as he was a little to awestruck at being a hero.  It, however, was nice to see Guy Gardner featured as Green Lantern considering his ego problem fit right into the landscape.

The stars of the film were easily the Bizarro League.  They’re ineptitude was perfect for the humor you expect to find in the Lego films or games.  Of them all Bizarro was a big lovable dolt who just can’t get things right and you can’t help but smile seeing Greenzarro using a teddy bear as his construct.  They helped play up the slapstick comedy for most of the film’s best laughs.

Something the film did best is assembling an all-star voice cast.  Most big named voice actors you could hope for with returning roles in the film such as Diedrich Bader, Troy Baker, Nolan North, John Dimaggio, and many more.  We always find it a relief to see Troy Baker returning as Batman, even if we found problems with his characterizations, cementing his versatility of doing perfect renditions of the caped crusader in the Lego universe and the Joker in Batman Arkham: Origins.

Kids were most assuredly live the film, and in the end that is the real target audience.  Even with shortcomings, adults will still find plenty to enjoy with a good amount of laughs and seeing our favorite heroes in action.  While the story’s problems keep this from being one of the best offerings from DC animation, it still manages to be an enjoyable film the whole family can enjoy.

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