Marvel Dice Masters: Uncanny X-Men Starter Set Review

  • Publisher: WizKids
  • MSRP: $14.99
  • Ages:  14+
  • Release Date: September 2014
  • Rating:  ★★★★★

You have found yourself wanting to get into WizKids much talked about Dice Masters.  Where is one to start with a new collectible dice game?  The Marvel Dice Masters: Uncanny X-Men Starter Set contains everything that you need to get started and actually have a competent team to play with.  Better yet, the starter set is made not just for you, but also for one of your lucky friends you want to share with as you dive into Dice Masters for the first time.

The Marvel Dice Masters: Uncanny X-Men Starter Set includes:

  • 44 Custom Dice
  • 38 Cards
  • Two Dice Bags
  • Complete Dice Masters Core Rulebook

This is everything you and a companion need to get started into Dice Masters.  Of the 44 dice, it includes 16 sidekick dice, 8 for each of you.  It will also have 12 action dice to go along with the 10 basic action cards and 4 color reminder cards.  The rest of the cards and dice include 8 characters, four X-Men and four villains, three card variations per character for 24 cards and 16 character dice, two dice per character.

Right off the bat you will have access to some of you favorite heroes and villains including, Cyclops, Wolverine, Angel, Iceman, Quicksilver, Kitty Pryde, Magneto, and Juggernaut.  Best of all, all of the characters included in the starter set are only in the starter set meaning you will not have to worry about getting duplicates in the foil packs.  Conceivably you could buy just the Marvel Dice Masters:  Uncanny X-Men Collector’s Box and a lot of foil packs to eventually make a good team for playing, but to ensure you have plenty of character dice for a solid base, the starter set is really a requirement for entry into Dice Masters.  Besides, the character cards included are actually good versions of the characters, some of which we prefer over the later versions of them you can grab in the foil packs.

As much as we want to stress how integral buying the starter set is for joining Dice Masters, it is not without its problems.  The first complaint we have is about the included dice bags, while they are made of semi-durable material, more or less they are only a step above a standard paper bag.  They crinkle easily and after a few games will just look plain unappealing.

The rulebook was also a source of much frustration.  There is plenty of great information inside and in later games we did use it to reference when dealt with specific situations.  Even with that said, when a group of us tried playing for the first time, the rule book had us extremely confused.  It features a sample game inside to help navigate through, but we did not find it much help for our first game.  Instead, we actually went on YouTube for some helpful videos.  Once we started playing we realized how easy getting into Dice Masters can be, but going by the rule book only, you may think otherwise.

Is the Marvel Dice Masters:  Uncanny X-Men Starter Set perfect?  No, as the dice bags and rule book are both flawed.  Even so, if you want to play Dice Masters, we do consider this a must buy.  It is a perfect base for you and a friend to use as you familiar yourself with the game, before you might want to grab the Marvel Dice Masters:  Uncanny X-Men Collector’s Box and Marvel Dice Masters:  Uncanny X-Men Play Mat that will both enhance your experience.  At the same time if you are greedy like us, you will just pick this up for yourself for all of the character cards and dice it will give you.  Whether you choose to share or not, you will want to buy this if you are looking at jumping into Dice Masters for the first time.

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