Constantine: Angels and Ministers of Grace

  • Episode:  Angels and Ministers of Grace  (S01E012)
  • Review:  ★★★★☆

Each week Constantine gets put into action by some weird occurrence. This week Manny shows up in John’s home.  He tries to get John to be more intuitive about finding his cases. He even burns the map that John has been using to see flare ups in evil around the USA. Manny also tells him to use Zed’s visions to help as well.

He eventually sends John to a hospital where recently a woman was admitted for drug overdose. John reluctantly decides that it’s for the best for him to investigate. John uses Chas in an interesting way gain entry to the hospital. It seems too easy to find the woman as her veins have turned black. Zed tries to connect with her by touching her which turns out badly. Zed has vision that causes her to have a seizure and collapse. John later has to inspect the woman as she died from Zed’s touch.


This episode works on some character building which is certainly needed. Manny confronts John to see how he is progressing with this case. John is prepared and traps Manny in the human host that he is using to communicate with John. So Manny get to experience being human for some of the episode. He even gets a hook up with a nurse that has been “friendly” with the doctor Manny is inhabiting. Manny does point out that his angelic powers are reduced the longer he is in the body. Zed ends up having a tumor that may or may not be causing her visions. Zed has to deal with the reality that the good that she is doing might kill her in the end. Chas happens to be John’s test subject since he can die several times over.


In the end John sort of saves the day with Manny’s help. The source of all the problems is caused by something called the Black Diamond. Manny was present when the  diamond was broken into shards several hundred years ago. The Black Diamond is referenced many times in the DC universe. It’s what Eclipso uses to control his slaves. Constantine and the diamond appeared in a three issue of story arch Amethyst even.

This week shows that our creators have a decent grasp of Constantine and the world they are creating around him. As of this review, the show still has not been cancelled. A full season has not been ordered and production has stopped. It’s been rumored NBC might move the show to SYFY. Either way I hope they are able to reach an agreement for a second season, especially when high notes such as tis week show how good this series can be. Constantine returns Friday night  with Papa Midnight showing up to give John some more grief in what possibly, but hopefully not, be the final episode of this severally under looked at series.

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